Best New Men’s Hairstyles In 2017 By Face Shape

With every new year, guys have an opportunity rebrand themselves, whether that means their career, health, grooming, hairstyle, or personality. Unfortunately, many men have a bad habit of sticking to the status quo, especially when it comes to things out of their comfort zone.

If you’re looking to revamp your sense of fashion and style, then you may want to start off small with just a change in your haircut. But here’s the million dollar question – what’s the best haircut for you?

By now, you’ve heard of trendy men’s hairstyles such as the pompadour, undercut, quiff, skin fade, and slick back, but probably have no idea which one is right for you or how to decide. To help guys all over the world choose the right cut for them, the bloggers over at MensHairstylesToday have come up with a guide to answer the age-old question – what haircut should you get?

To be extra helpful, the team even divided up their recommendations based on face shape, which can be a critical factor when determining which styles are a good fit. So if you have an oval, round, or square face shape and need a new hairstyle for the new year, look below for inspiration!