Best Decor Accessories For A ‘Rustic’ Living Room

Using natural materials, layered textures and a perfect mix or light and dark colours can help create a cosy space in your home, similar to a cabin, in what is called ‘rustic’ fashion. Decorating your living room in a rustic style will create a welcoming, cosy and laid back living room space.

You can’t beat a rustic living room, whether you live in a new build, the suburbs or a centuries old farmhouse, achieving a rustic look in your living room is surprisingly easy. As long as you lean heavily into natural materials like wood, leather and natural linens, you can create a perfect rustic retreat in your own home.

But what décor pieces can you use in your living room to further the cosy rustic look? Let’s find out!

Real Wood Blinds

One of the easiest things you can do to achieve a rustic look in your living room, is to use natural materials in your accessories and furnishings. If you’re looking to add wood to your living room, real wooden blinds are the perfect way to do that, or you could opt for faux wood blinds, which perfectly imitate the look.

You can easily find good quality made to measure wooden venetian blinds for your living room nowadays. Just adding wooden blinds to your windows will add a homely and rustic feel to your room. Just make sure that you choose a wood finish that matches up with other wooden pieces in your living room.

Vintage Tables & Units

Nothing fits into a rustic décor scheme, quite like vintage or reclaimed wooden coffee tables and cabinets. In terms of function, these pieces were made back when people made things to last, so a 100-year-old wooden table or stool will work just as well as a brand new one, but it’ll have a lot more personality than a new piece of IKEA flatpack.

With vintage pieces, you’ll get a brilliant piece of furniture, which in itself is a part of history which can take your rustic living room to the next level and also act as a conversation pieces for when you have visitors. If you needed anymore convincing on the appeal of vintage wooden units, remember that buying a piece from a vintage/antique shop will usually be a lot cheaper than buying from a big box store like IKEA.

Linen Rugs

If you’re looking for a décor accessory that screams ‘rustic’ then linen rugs should be right up your alley! Linen rugs have a long history of use, which gives them a long and fascinating history behind them. But most importantly, they play into the rustic look as they’re made of natural material and provide an excellent texture which will contrast your use of wood in the room.

A nice rustic linen rug will make a great centrepiece for your living room as well as perfectly contrasting the use of other materials in the room. As linen rugs are still made today, you can opt for a new linen rug, but as with all things rustic, you get bonus points if your linen rug is vintage.