Bedroom design tips for a little fashionista

Children tend to spend a lot of time in their bedroom, and whist the name may imply otherwise, children’s bedrooms aren’t used just for sleep. The best children’s rooms are those that incorporate their personality seamlessly whilst also encouraging self-expression, hence why it’s so important to design a bedroom that fits your child’s passions. It’s extremely easy to get lost in the world of children’s interiors, but if your child is a budding Anna Wintour, or dreaming of being the next big thing in the world of styling, here are a few top tips to bear in mind in order to design the perfect bedroom space for a budding fashionista:  

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Colour Scheme

When it comes to choosing a colour scheme, specifics may largely be down to personal preference, but there are a few things you may want to consider. Pastel colours are well known for their soothing properties and their ability to create a light, whimsical feeling. Such feelings are often known to inspire the imagination, perfect for a little one with a flair for fashion. There are also several ways that colours can be combined to make the space fun and different with complementary colours including; pastel pink and mint, lavender and pastel blue or pastel yellow and pastel pink. If you’re looking to create the ultimate stylish bedroom, there are a fantastic range of children’s beds for sale from Room to Grow, that are both practical and chic.



Accessories are a great way to inject some personality into a child’s room, especially if you’re wanting to be mindful of purchasing larger furniture options in neutral colours, to support longevity, For a little fashionista, consider additional bedroom decorations such as an elegant dress makers mannequin, not only would an item of this type make for a stylish addition to the room, but your little one would have the opportunity to dress the mannequin up as they please as a fantastic form of self-expression.  

Wall art and wall stickers are another fantastic way to inject fun into the room whilst also keeping to a theme. Wall stickers, for example polka dots or wording, are readily available on the high street, and are great due to their non-damaging and easily interchangeable manor. Another potential option for consideration would be to create a gallery wall filled with fashionable prints placed in a variety of stylish frames. For a top tip, mix the sizes and colours to create a modern artistic vibe, perfect for complimenting the overall feel of the room.



Clever storage that is practical, accessible and easy to use is the key to a successful children’s bedroom design. As a young fashion enthusiast, your child is likely to have a vast amount of clothing, with everything from day to day to dressing up options. It is important therefore, to ensure storage is optimal as well as being pleasing to the eye.

Dedicated Space

As children’s rooms have so many varied purposes it is important that all individual activities take place in their own space, if possible. This is particularly important, as encouraging the bed space itself for anything other than sleep could discourage quality sleep. For keen fashionista, consider creating a dedicated corner where your child has the space to dress up and enjoy their clothes in all their wonder. If your child particularly enjoys costumes, it could also be worth considering the addition of a costume box or a shoe rack to keep specific items in place.