Beauty vs. Brain: Unexpected Scientific Results

Brain or Beauty: Which Men Want More?

Who do you think is more preferable as a life partner: a pretty face or great brain? Do men really take for a wife a silly beauty rather than a smart woman? Is it true that girls tend to wealthy men? The group of scientists put these questions during their research. What answers did they get? What is More Important in Modern Society: Brain or Beauty?

Probably, women will find it very hard to believe, but the research asserts that men’s interest in a women’s appearance is in decline as well as female cooking skills. Meanwhile, according to the British scientists’ research, the value of such qualities as intelligence is increasing.

What about women? Scientists find out that fairy sex is much more preoccupied with men’s appearance! Modern women rather pick a partner with strong arms and striking features than a wealthy man who does not fit their expectations. Researchers assume it has to do with ladies’ financial independence as a majority can easily support themselves. The technology has brought us a new world where the amount of brutal force could hardly be competing with the brain. More than 10,000 representatives of both sexes in 30 countries were interviewed during scientific research. Scientists asked respondents to describe their partners’ the most valuable traits. The results were tallied according to the state’s ranking on gender equality. It was found that traditional features, such as curvy women’s figure or male financially secure are playing a prominent role in the gender inequality society. At the same time, in the countries where both sexes are equal to each other researchers witnessed a graduate change in attitude. Thus, in contrast to the common view on women’s and man’s preferences, the British scientists found out that ladies are interested in man’s appearance while men are emphasizing women’s intelligence.

Physically Attractive People Are Smarter. Really?

Some persons claim that the connection between physical attractiveness and intelligence really exists. Is that so? To support the assertion the sociologists give several reasons. The genetic quality may be a result of cross-strait associative mating, where a successful man picks for a wife the most beautiful woman who passes their genes to the posterity. In such case, a child has a high chance to inherit both, mother beauty and father’s brain. According to the study that took place in the late 1950s in Great Britain, taking into consideration several IQ tests, attractive respondents were significantly more intelligent than unappealing respondents.

Beauty and Brain: Can They Do Well Together?

Despite the prevailing view on beautiful girls that are not expected to be a clever thing, history is replete with examples of legend women that were world-famous for the wit as well as appearance. They graduated the most prestigious universities and colleges, starts their own business along with actress or singer carrier. One of the most impressive combinations of brain and beauty is Hedy Lamarr, a famous actress, and scientist. Due to her appearance, a Hollywood star of the 1930s and 1940s was usually given the roles of a seductress. Despite her strong engagement in the movie industry, Hedy Lamarr contributed in spread spectrum technology which is applicable into wireless telephones and Wi-Fi. She wasn’t the only women in science endowed with beauty. Professors and researchers quite often appear to be attractive; many of them are incredibly intelligent and sexy.

How to Train Your Brain?

Now, it is clear that in modern society it is imperative to become smarter. Is it possible? We have good news: the answer is affirmative. There are plenty of exercises, quizzes, and tips that help you to train your brain and improve your mental ability.

  • Game! By surfing the Internet, you will find hundreds of links to brain-training games. How can they help? Games keep your gray cells in tense and make particular brain’s areas work more efficiently.
  • Solve! Maybe you are a Sudoku fan? Or never start your day without solving a crossword at your morning tea? Puzzles, chess, and arithmetic equations are your best friends that force the brain work faster.
  • Read! Never neglect to expand your mind with reading. However, do not hunt for the newly published best sellers. Choose literature picky and wisely according to your tastes and inclinations. You can explore the world of cognitive science books, psychology, or fiction. Whatever you choose, make sure that this is a great book.
  • Write! Whenever we study at school, college or university, we have to write essays, dissertation, and other academic papers. It shouldn’t be surprising as writing improves your vocabulary greatly. It develops your analytical abilities and imagination as well as expands your communication skills. Moreover, only well-read people can become a fancy writer.
  • Eat! Are you craving for chips, burgers, fizzy drinks and other fast-food? Forget about it. Your brain needs wholesome high nutrition food that provides you with all-day energy. What about walnuts or fish? Have you ever considered tuna or salmon as the main source of fatty acids that help neurons function? Your brain would be grateful if you chose steady intake of Omega3.
  • Rest! It is our most favorable advice. Anyone agrees to take so easily. But the truth is that your brain will work much more efficiently after some time of relaxation. Remember that your brain’s capacity is dependable on your health.
  • Watch! However, you should pick it carefully. Limit the time you spend in front of TV. Do not watch everything media proposed as prolonged TV watching leads to low achievements. Do you know any inventor who has been lying on the couch enjoying soap opera?

In Conclusion

We realize that scientific findings in the field of men’s and women’s relationships are quite disappointing for those who have been expected to live through a pretty face or to pick any beauty owing to his wealth. However, the humankind enters the new, challenging era where everything is changing by leaps and bounds. As Lewis Carroll wrote, sometimes we must run as fast as we can, just to stay in place. But to get somewhere else, you must run at least twice as fast as that! So, try harder twice to become as smart as possible!