All That You Need to Know About Indian Men’s Wear Kurta and Pajama

One of the most comfortable wear for Indian men is kurta pajama that consists of 2 pieces of garments. People of almost all parts of India wear this dress particularly the top one called Kurta in different forms. Kurta is a long and loose shirt and its length reaches up to the knee and the other one is called Pajama or Pyjama which is a form of trouser, quite light in weight and comfortable in fitting. During most of the formal occasions, this dress is worn by Indian men. This dress is also used as a sleep wear by many Indians, but they use cheaper variety of clothes.

The word ‘pyjama’ is now included in English language too and its origin is from Hindustani language. However, the origin of the word pyjama is from Persian language which literally means ‘garment for leg’. Due to colonialization of British in India, the term ‘pyjama’ has become a known name and the word has spread to many other parts of the world too. In India, you will find most of the political leaders wearing white coloured and well starched kurta pajama. Most of the Indians prefer to wear it during certain festive occasions like Diwali, Dussehra and Holi etc. Many Indian men also prefer to use it as comfortable wear at home.

To make kurta pajama only soft fabric materials are used as it makes it very comfortable and people usually prefer to wear loose fitting outfits. The expensive variety of this dress uses superior quality of cotton and many times fabrics like satin, khadi and silk are also used. Most of the men in India purchase this dress in neutral shades, which offers a dignified look. Children however wear this dress in many varied hues and colours. Along with this dress Kolhapuri Chappals are usually preferred as the footwear and that completes the attire. For summer climate, which is in India is for almost 9 months a year, this dress is very suitable for men of any age.

Let us discuss about Kurta, which is the important part of this dress and its various varieties that you can find in many parts of India.

  • Kali kurta

This type of kurta is in the shape of a frock and has number of panels. It is made from number of geometrical pieces. There are 2 rectangular central panels both at the front and back. Both men as well as women wear such kali kurta.

  • Bhopali kurta

The name Bhopali is because this design comes from an Indian city known as Bhopal in MP state. This kurta is loose and has pleats near the waist and then like a skirt, it reaches up to knees and ankles. People prefer to wear this with straight pyjama. This type of Bhopali Kurta is popular because the members of royal family of Bhopal wears this dress and it has come from Turkey and was popularized by Sultan Jehan Begum who ruled from 1901 to 1926.

  • Hyderabadi Kurta

This kurta also has become famous due to royal family of Hyderabad and it has short top that sits around the waist. Traditionally this type of kurta is white in colour however in modern version, you can get them in varied colours too. Over the kurta people also wear net materials which can be combination of jaali karga. This is also worn by both men and women.

  • Lucknowi Kurta

This is another famous kurta which is designed at Lucknow, the capital city of UP. This kurta design was also popularized by the Nawabs of the city. There is special embroidery work done on the chest and arm side which is known as chikan embroidery.

  • Panjabi

In West Bengal as well as in Bangla Desh, this dress is known as Panjabi. Panjabi lengths are little shorter than usual kurta that you find in India. People mostly wear this attire with Dhoti. This Dhoti Panjabi was the normal wear of people in West Bengal. However, now you can find only people of older generation wearing this dress. In most of the wedding occasion, the groom is supposed to wear Dhoti and Panjabi. People also wear in the festive seasons like Dussehra or Diwali.

  • Multani Kurta

This design originated in Multan which is now part of Pakistan’s Punjab. This is also called Saraiki kurta. There is lots of embroidery designs on this type of kurta and its length is almost up to the knee.

You will find various design varieties of kurta pajama in the stores of Nihal Fashions and in various online stores too. Many people prefer to wear this dress during wedding in India. The dress is not only popular in India but also in Pakistan and many other south Asian countries. In festivals like Diwali, Eid and other formal occasions people prefer to wear this dress.

Some of the styles of this dress that you can get on online stores as well as at Nihal Fashions are as follows –

  • Kurta Pyjama with waist coat

Wearing this dress with stylish waistcoat can really add grace to your personality. Even if you prefer to wear any ordinary kurta with a waist coat, it will give a sophisticated and formal look.

  • Silk kurta with black pyjama and Khussa

This is a favourite dress among men especially for weddings. It will keep you cool while you are engaged in Bhangra dance, which is normally performed during weddings in north India.

  • Black kurta with white pyjama

This can be an ultimate combination that can be worn during any kind of occasions. If you are confused about colour choice, then you can blindly buy this combination. You can find most of the friends of the groom wear this combination during the wedding and engaged in Bhangra on the road when the procession for wedding passes through the street of the city.

  • Raw silk kurta pyjama for groom

For any groom this can be an ideal choice for wedding dress. Mostly the bride wears red dress during the wedding and therefore you can choose kurta in white, red colour or white kurta with red edges so that you can complement with your bride for this occasion. Your wedding photographs can be a memorable experience for you.

  • Festive kurta with churidar pyjama

At home you can prefer to wear such kurta pyjama of any cotton materials. However, for any formal occasions or weddings you can prefer silk or satin material for kurta. In Nihal fashion stores, you will find specially designed kurta meant for the groom for such occasions. It is not necessary that only groom should wear such dress. The other members of the family can also prefer to wear this dress during wedding. Before the wedding, there are few other ceremonies held like mehndi, haldi and dholki etc. where men can choose to wear this dress and take part in sangeeth that take place in north Indian weddings.

  • Embroidered kurta with churidar pyjama

Adding embroidery on the chest portion of the kurta can give you a royal look. Therefore, if you want to wear kurta pyjama for any special kind of occasions then prefer to buy embroidered kurtas. Embroidery can be dark red or golden or orange and the mixture of these colours are popularly preferred combinations for the occasions like wedding. Some people also prefer silver or white coloured embroidery work, particularly if the colour of the kurta is red, blue or green. Black is another colour which can be combined with gold or silver colour. However, black kurtas are not a preferred choice particularly for auspicious occasions like wedding or festival celebrations.

  • Bright coloured kurta with white pyjama

This is a traditional attire in India however there can be many other innovations done on such kurtas to make them unique. Many people also complement this attire by adding turban, stoles, waistcoats, shawls and colourful dupattas. You can also add matching khussa which can go very well with such attire. Waist coat and shawl can also give you a very classy look. You can get both long as well as short kurtas. For a tall person both long as well as short kurtas will look good. However, if you are too short then you must choose medium length kurta. Kurta as such can be worn by people of any height.

  • All white Pathani kurta with embroidery

This can be another black and white combination that is perfect for any kind of occasion. Mostly people prefer to wear white kurta pyjama only for funeral. It is good colour selection for happy occasions too. People who are a bit overweight can wear such kurta pyjama and may look little slimmer by choosing such attire.

Few tips for choosing right pathani suit

Pathani suits can be used by men for all types of occasions. This kind of attire can provide a sense of sophistication and class that cannot be compared with any other dress. If you visit any online stores or Nihal Fashions then you can get huge range of colours, size, styles and patterns. These suits are popularly known as khan suits as the origin of this suit is from frontier province of Pakistan. However, most people consider its origin to be Kabul.

Pathani suits are ideal dresswear for summer season as you will feel quite comfortable in such dress. In state of Jammu and Kashmir as well as Punjab, in India you can find many people wearing this dress. During Eid festivals among Muslim population, it is the most preferred dress for men. You can get them in various material such as cotton, linen and silk and also in many other kinds of fabrics.

When you decide to buy them then you need to consider few things –

  • Colour

Colour is the most important factor that you need to consider while buying any pathani suit. Those who are of short stature must prefer to choose single dark colour as it will make them look taller. Those who have good height must choose contrasting colours. Some of the preferred contrasting colours are blue and green, red and golden yellow, dark blue and brown etc.

  • Fabric

Fabric is the next important factor to consider about pathani suits. A person with lean structure must prefer thick fabric as it can enhance their appearance. Those who are of broad frame must prefer lighter fabrics like cotton or silk etc.

The traditional pathani suits are with front button and standing collars. Modern pathani suits are however available in stylish collars. In some of the pathani suits, you can find designs with beads, zardozi and sequins etc. These days, men prefer to wear this suit with a bing as this can add further elegance to men. Mostly white coloured kurta pyjamas are sold in the market however you can find them in many designs and sequins.

If you visit any online stores, you can find large varieties of pathani suits. However, if you want to personally try out and buy then you can prefer to visit Nihal Fashion stores.

Preference of shoes with wedding kurta and pyjama

People generally prefer jutti, chappals or khussas as footwear with kurta pyjamas. During festive season this gives an excellent look.  Kolhapuri chappals are most preferred option with this attire.

Few other styles of kurtas that can prefer to buy are as follows –

  • Short kurta with straight pyjama and matching jacket
  • Mustard coloured Kurta meant for Haldi or Mehendi ceremonies
  • Kurta with shouder tabs and roll up tabs
  • Line kurta with pyjama
  • Printed kurta
  • Jamawaar kurta pyjama
  • Kurta with tilla and embroidery
  • Kurta with collar

These days, you can also find fashionable kurtas in the market not only in India, but in USA too which are mostly exported from India. During sixties to seventies this dress was very popular in the USA and during summer you could find many people wearing this dress. Even women prefer to wear Kurtas that are available in different designs and colours.