A Man’s Guide to Smelling Good

Unlike women, men are generally considered to be more relaxed about body care and grooming. For most men, the maximum grooming regime includes shaving and washing their face, and they are done. Many younger men who are mesmerized by a rock star like a lifestyle believe that looking messy is cool and trendy. However, in reality, it makes on look unkempt and also puts off people around you.

However, even if many men manage to grow their physical appearance, they pay little attention to their body odor. No amount of grooming product will work if people do not like how you smell. Smelling good is an integral part of your hygiene and attractiveness. Even the most handsome hunk can repel a woman because his body feels terrible. On the flip side, women are very much attracted even to average looking men just because they feel nice.

It is essential to understand that the primary cause of body odor is bacteria. The moisture on your skin that is caused by sweating or any other body fluid generates a bad smell. Likewise, bacteria in your mouth can result in bad breath and oral smell even if you brush your teeth regularly. Here is a quick guide for you to get rid of your body odor and be able to smell good.

Bath Daily

Make sure your bath is a daily ritual that you follow at least in the morning before you leave your house. If you live in hot and humid conditions, try and take another round of hot shower before going to bed too. Invest in a good shower gel that is infused with a Eu de Toilet such a lemon or lavender. Good bath time or even a quick shower can rejuvenate your body and kill anybody odor easily.

Shave Body Hair

Body hair, especially those in your underarms can generate the worst kind of smell and body odor. Hairy underarms are a haven for bacteria that are born out of sweat and are highly prone to lousy smell and body odor. Make sure that you shave your body hair on a regular basis so that your body can stay fresh and odor free.

Colognes and Fragrances

Contrary to the myth, spraying a few drops of your Calvin Klein or Hugi Boss is not enough to do away with body odor. In fact, using the wrong kind of fragrance can make the situation much worse, Most men di not know the difference between Eu de Toilet and Eu de Perfume and they end up using perfumes to kill body odors because they are expensive. As a result, it backfires and results in a much worse smell. This is because fragrances do not have antiperspirant properties and they are only made to add a distinct scent to your clothing. If your main issue is body odor, it is essential that you invest in a good deodorant or an antiperspirant, if you want to use your perfume as your chief fragrance agent, you can also use a roll on stick as an antiperspirant. However, a good deodorant is a must have and make sure to keep it handy so that you can spray it anywhere any time.