A Guide to Birthstones

Birthstones have varying origins. The idea of an association of every month to a particular stone or stones can be traced back to ancient times. Birthstones have been thought to have many symbolic meanings and are considered to influence the wearer in many different ways. Although their influence can be debated upon, there is no doubt that these beautiful and exquisite gemstones have a fascinating aspect that attracts everyone.  



The gemstone assigned to the month of January is Garnet. Although available in many colours, it is most commonly revered in its bright red colour.  Garnet is said to strengthen the emotional behaviour of the wearer and enables the person to have deep and lasting bonds with those near him, by bringing out his best behaviour. Some also believe that it has curative powers.



Amethyst has been known to be preferred by the royalty. It has been worn by the clergymen and the upper nobility with the aim to gain inner peace. Often believed to bequeath inner peace and calmness, it is also thought to provide a focused outlook to the wearer.  



This stone, which appears in many shades of blue, is said to be infused with many properties. As the name indicates, this stone is thought to be associated with water and is cherished as a lucky charm by sailors.  Furthermore, aquamarine is thought to mend friendships, rekindle love, and heal illnesses, both physical and mental.



Diamonds are well known for their hardness and strength.  It is the hardest mineral ever known to man. Since ancient times it has been known to represent durability, which is why they are today, represent the everlasting bond of marriage. It is this belief that makes it a perfect as well as the preferred gem for wedding rings.



This beautiful and bold green stone exists in various shades and sizes. It symbolizes fertility and is often associated with rebirth. The wearer is supposed to be blessed with luck and youth. It is also a colour associated with royalty.



While all the other gemstones are found in the earth’s crust, this is one gemstone that is formed inside a living organism, the mollusc. Pearls have a creamy lustre and are valued for their sheen. This rare gemstone is believed to bestow the wearer with calmness, serenity, and true friendship.



Another gemstone that is easily recognised due to its rich hue is the ruby. Associated with the month of July, this stone has been known for its symbolism of passion and protection. Due to its deep red colour, the ruby has long been associated with the life force and vitality of blood. Not only this, it is believed to enhance the energy of the wearer, infuse courage and awareness, and bring in success and prosperity in his or her life.


Peridot, Sardonyx, and Spinel


The green gemstone peridot symbolises prosperity. In Egyptian culture, it was thought to protect its wearer from the terrors of the night. Also, their priests believed that this stone harnessed the power of nature. It was considered that the wearer would be blessed with peace and happiness.


Sardonyx is made from alternating layers of sand and onyx and as a result, a reddish zebra-striped stone with white bands is created. Sardonyx has been known to symbolise courage and happiness.


Spinel comes in various colours ranging from cobalt blue, pink, and orange to even yellow or brown. It is the most underrated gemstone and has been known to be confused with other more precious stones.



Sapphires can be found in a variety of colours except red, as those come under the category of rubies.  However, the most popular color for a sapphire is a rich cobalt blue. This colour has been known to be associated with nobility and symbolizes the virtues of integrity, loyalty, and sincerity. It is also believed that the Sapphire helps in focusing the mind and enhances control over one’s actions.


Opal and Tourmaline


Opal is often referred to as nature’s fireworks and is considered the stone to possess maximum healing powers.  People often believe that this gem grants them good luck, the condition being, the wearer’s birthstone should be opal.


Tourmaline encompasses different hues and is said to ward off all the negative vibes around the wearer.


Topaz and Citrine


Topaz is often believed to induce peaceful and calm emotions in the wearer. It is usually colourless, yet often tinged with many colours. It is believed to have healing properties such as cure mental illness, solve temper issues, etc.


Citrine is usually considered a bringer of prosperity and good health to the wearer. Some firmly believe that this stone exhibits healing properties, incite creativity and imagination and remove negativity from life.


Tanzanite, Zircon, and Turquoise

Three stones, Tanzanite, Zircon, and Turquoise are referred to as the birthstone for the month of December and all of them, more or less are known for their varying shades of blue.


Although it is not specifically believed to have unique influence over the wearer, it is an exquisite stone that is highly valued for its rarity.


Zircon is believed to dispel evil energies and promotes sleep, wealth, and prosperity.


Turquoise is a symbol of strength and is believed to bring both protection and power to the wearer.

So, whether you believe in the mystical powers of these stones, it is up to you, but that doesn’t change the fact that all these stones are extremely rare and highly valued. Just look up the stone that corresponds to your birth month, add it to any rings, or earring for that matter, and flaunt it all you want. For the best effects, it is said that the stone should be in direct contact with the skin of the wearer; hence rings are a preferred choice.