9 Must-Have Accessories that Add Personality to Your Suit

Accessories are what truly make an outfit.  From the bow ties down to the socks, your accessories can add a lot of personality even to the most average looking suit. Up your style game with these stylish accessories for men:

  • Bow ties

Bow ties are usually associated with red carpets and black tie social events. As your wedding is one of the most important events of your life, the bow tie can bring the extra special flair to your suit. Although bow ties are seen as an accessory reserved for very formal functions, recent trends have given way to designs that are neither plain nor black. Printed bow ties or in a color that coincides with your wedding theme is a good way to showcase your personality through your outfit.

  • Pocket squares

Pocket squares are the dapper grooms’ favorite accessories. A pocket square is a simple accessory that can boost a whole ensemble’s style. Choose a pocket square that compliments your suit and bow tie well.

  • Tie-bars

A tie bar fastens your tie to the placket of your shirt. Aside from functionality, a tie bar is a statement accessory that says you know what you are doing style-wise.

  • Cufflinks

Cufflinks add personality to your wardrobe without the risk of being too loud or gaudy. This accessory says classy, elegant and stylish at the same time.

  • Watch

A watch is both functional as well as a statement piece for your wardrobe. A watch reflects a man’s personality, whether he is more inclined to the classic or modern styles or both. A watch is one of those pieces that may not be the center of attention in a whole outfit but can bring the entire ensemble together. Choose a watch that speaks to your personal style and can bring a whole new level of elegance to your suit.

  • Belt

Your belt doesn’t only need to be functional, they can be stylish too. A belt is a good way to break up your outfit. You can use your belt to emphasize the form and structure of your suit. You can also use it to add structure or a pop of color and pattern to your outfit.

  • Suspenders

Suspenders are not only a practical element to a grooms outfit; they can also inject personality to even the most boring suits. Wearing suspenders to your wedding attire can either be a subtle or bold fashion statement depending on the style that you choose to wear.

  • Socks

Stylish and colorful socks are the modern man’s way of making an impression. More men are going against the plain black or gray pair and swapping them for colors and patterns that add a punch to their whole ensemble.

  • Bags

From celebrities to style icons, it seems like every stylish man is carrying a bag now. Bags are not only for carrying things, it can be used to up your style game too. Choose bags that are functional and goes well with the elegance and style of your suit.