8 Great Gift Ideas for the Men in Your Life

Having trouble choosing a birthday gift for your boyfriend, husband, son, father or grandfather? Don’t worry, we’ve done the research for you. We found this roundup of birthday gift ideas to get you started. And then we added eight more below that are sure to leave that guy in your life smiling.

Gift Ideas for Dads

Tickets to the Game: Whatever his sport, if he’s not already a season ticket holder, Dad will love you for getting him into the stands during The Big Game. Double points for playoff season.

Hobby Accessories: If he golfs, buy him a new driver, or book him a tee time at his favorite course. If cars are his life, meticulously arranging the contents of his brand-new toolbox will make for hours of fun. If he fishes, a new rod and reel will feel like a butter-smooth consolation prize the next time a big one gets away.

Gift Ideas for Grandfathers

Audiobooks: Keeping up with reading in the face of worsening vision is a battle for many grandfathers. Buy him a recording of his favorite author’s newest work and he’ll be able to live out those moments on the page without having to squint.

Family Vacation: Feeling closeness with your family is always important, but never more so than during the autumn of your life. Consider splurging for a family vacation: The time he spends with loved ones in a place he always wanted to see will instantly become a treasured memory for him.

Gift Ideas for Sons

Nature or Science Kit (ages 7-12): Whether it’s tumbling rocks into semi-precious gems, watching tadpoles hatch and grow into frogs, or having the night sky projected on the ceiling of his bedroom, chances are that this category of gifts has something your boy will love.

Video Games (ages 13-17): So long as it’s used in moderation, “screen time” is always popular with teens. Are all his friends talking about how cool the latest game is? Be the one to bring it home and he’ll think you’re even cooler.

Gift Ideas for Boyfriends and Husbands

Shaving Kit: Whether you choose a leather strop and straight-edge or a 1950s-era safety razor, nothing says “man of the house” quite like a boar bristle brush and a shaving bowl full of rich lather. As an added bonus, he’ll save money on razor replacements.

A Special Activity: Is there something he’s always wanted to try but never gotten the chance to? Whether he wants to go skydiving or scuba diving, he’ll remember getting to do something he’d always wanted to, and he’ll remember doing it with you.

Choosing a Perfect Birthday Gift

Coming up with the perfect gift idea for your boyfriend, husband, father, grandfather or son can be a difficult and frustrating process. There are, however, a few general rules you can follow:

Gifts that can be experienced are more memorable than those that are simply used. Even scientific studies back this up. If you want to give a present that’s both useful and memorable, focus on products that will eliminate the major hassles in his daily life. Ultimately, though, memories are experiences in hindsight, so experiences will be the most memorable gifts.

Do your homework. If you buy him an experience without knowing his interests, you may introduce him to something new and exciting, but you also run the risk of giving him a chore for his birthday.

When in doubt, choose something that reminds him of those he loves. After all, the best gift ever won’t matter to him even half as much as the person who gave it to him.