8 Gorgeous Shoes That Every Woman Should Have

Hey shoe lovers! I’m always here to inspire you and to embellish your day and for today I have made you a very interesting post that is called “8 Gorgeous Shoes That Every Woman Should Have”. Are you excited? I’m a shoe-holic and I have million of pairs at my home and I can’t stop buying shoes. I feel more comfortable and far more beautiful if my shoes are eye catching. I wanted to buy a new pair, but first I have made a research to see what kind of shoes every woman should have. You can see the results in the gallery below! Colorful and stunning shoes with crystals and zircons – I would like to have all of them! Are you a shoe-holic? Check out the gallery below and inspire yourself! Your outstanding outfit deserve to be completed with an outstanding pair of shoes. The shoes below look luxurious and chick and can be worn with everything and everywhere, weather it is jeans or dress. You can easily make a statement with these attention-grabbing and gorgeous shoes. Pick the pair that fit you best to your outfit and go out with style, like real diva.
Mellow Dee - Bright Red Luichiny

Link to buy: Mellow Dee РBright Red Luichiny

Price: $69.99

Deena - Green Privileged

Link to buy: Deena – Green Privileged


Van Buren - Raspberry Luichiny

Link to buy:Van Buren – Raspberry Luichiny


Prevee - Beige Privileged

Link to buy:Prevee – Beige Privileged


Purrr - Gold Privileged

Link to buy:Purrr – Gold Privileged


Studlee - Blue 2 Lips Too

Link to buy:Studlee – Blue 2 Lips Too


Piper Zoe - Fuchsia Satin Luichiny
Link to buy:Piper Zoe – Fuchsia Satin Luichiny


Night - Green Privileged

Link to buy:Night – Green Privileged



Thank you for reading! I hope that you have found this post interesting and useful and what is more important that you have found the shoes that you were looking for. Enjoy in the rest of your day and don’t forget to stay up to date with the contents of Fashion Diva Design!