7 Cool Gym Outfits for Women

It’s natural to want to look good at the gym. After all, that’s why we’re there. The room is full of mirrors, so it can be extra motivating if you wear something cute or sexy. Not that you’d want anyone creepy approaching you, but there are also a lot of men with big muscles at the gym, so that’s a factor as well. However, it’s hard to know what to wear. Shorts and a tee shirt are fine, but they aren’t all that eye-catching, don’t show off your gains and can be uncomfortable when you start to sweat. Luckily, in the past couple of decades, major progress has been made in gym clothing, and there are more options than over that look amazing and are also comfortable and functional for the gym. Here are XXX cool gym outfits for women. 

Matching Set

Wearing matching clothing is very trendy right now, and there’s no reason why you can’t carry that aesthetic to the gym. A good outfit would be a cropped tank top paired with high-waisted biking shorts. Of course, you can always throw on a trucker hat as well. The key is that everything is the same color. You will surely draw some eyes if you go bold, like lime green or yellow.  The best thing is that you can get stretchy and comfortable matching sets with moisture-wicking capabilities. To top it off, choose a clean pair of white running shoes, and you are set to go. 

Yoga Tops and Tights

You don’t have to show off a lot of skin to feel strong and sexy. You can do it with the right clothes, even if they cover you completely. Working out in a bra, even a sports bra, is uncomfortable for some women. Luckily there are yoga tops that provide compression while maintaining a loose fit. They are casual and laid back, and loose clothing can be comfortable if you are doing low-impact workouts. Yoga tights are extremely popular at the moment. They do not offer a peek of skin, but you can still see your gains because they are form-fitting. Your booty might never look better. 

Shorts and Windbreaker

When you are working out outside, sometimes you need layers to help you with temperature control. For one, you can rock some double-layered shorts with a windbreaker. The shorts have a lightweight, loose outer layer and compression on the inside for support. They help to prevent you from showing off parts of you that you don’t want others seeing. The windbreaker should be elasticized, so it doesn’t puff up in the wind. A mesh interior will keep things cool when your temperature goes up. When it gets too hot, you can ditch the jacket for the tank top you’ve got on underneath. 

Asymmetrical Sports Bra

Sometimes you just want to step outside the box and do something fun. That goes for your workouts and also for your workout clothing. A sports bra is basic. It gives you support by keeping everything in place up there. However, you can also jazz it up by wearing a single-strap sports bra. Don’t be afraid, you won’t lose any of the support by just having one strap. It might not be appropriate for high-impact exercises but is a cute and fun look. Make sure that it’s properly sized, however. Pair your sports bra with athletic skorts or leggings to complete the look. 

Flared Leggings

Flared leggings are a great choice for your workout if you want something different below. They offer a three-layer waistband that doesn’t pinch for comfort and flexibility and a mesh lining to help with moisture and to keep you cool. Pair this with a racerback sports bra. They provide great support for the bust and have mesh detailing as well. Choose a brand that offers a seamless version for the ultimate comfort. Tie this outfit up with a moisture-wicking headband. 

Running Shorts and Crop Top

When you’re on the treadmill or the elliptical machine, your circulation is important, which means you shouldn’t have compression on your legs or thighs. That’s where running shorts come into play. They allow you to take big steps while still getting airflow to all of your body. If you’re concerned about friction and chafing, you can get shorts that come with a liner. This will provide you with the protection that you need to be comfortable. Next, choose mesh running shorts for extra breathability. These will look great with a sports bra, but if you’re uncomfortable with that, go with a crop top to show a little skin. 

Neon Colors

Do you want to stick out in a crowd? What better way than with a neon-colored outfit that is certain to draw some attention. Instead of matching, choose a bold-colored body suit or tank top, and pair it with black bike shorts. The tank top will draw attention, while the pocketed biking shorts provide comfort and convenience. Get a cropped tank with a bra built right into it Again it you can. It will provide comfort and flexibility. Bonus points if you have sneakers with matching pops of neon, too. 

When you go to the gym, you need to work on your physique and get healthier. There is extra motivation when you look good. The confidence that comes with that can’t be measured, but it could mean doing some extra reps or running that extra mile. Your sweat and fatigue can make you feel less attractive. With these outfit ideas, you’ll be able to keep sweat away from you and look great while you’re at the gym.