7 Convincing Reasons to Go for Cobalt Engagement Rings

If you are planning to propose to your partner, then you need to first arrange for an engagement ring. Engagement ring designs and trends keep changing and evolving. Both online and offline jewellery stores have  updated engagement rings UK collections . Keeping up with the latest engagement ring trend does not mean that you need to go beyond your budget. Cobalt is an affordable metal that has become a raging success in the engagement ring market. The cobalt used to make jewellery is a cobalt and chrome alloy.

Still unsure about buying cobalt engagement ring? Here are all the reasons why checking out a Cobalt engagement rings UK Collection is worth the effort.


Cobalt is a hard metal, and when it is mixed with chrome, the alloy is far more durable. You do not have to worry about your cobalt ring getting bent out of shape. The rings are definitely scratch resistant as well. So, you do not have to open your ring every time you need to get any heavy-duty hands-on work done.


Many people have allergic reactions to metal jewellery. The allergy is usually caused by the nickel that is mixed with the metals to create the jewellery alloy. But cobalt chromium alloy does not need the nickel. Nickel free cobalt rings are hypoallergenic. So, if your partner has metal allergy cobalt Engagement Rings UK Collection can be the collection to check out.


Cobalt might be a very hard metal, but it can be worked into various designs. The cobalt rings can come in plain, patterned and gems studded designs. Usually, engagement rings come with CZ diamonds. The designs can range from a wishbone design to twisted design to a plain gem studded band.


Cobalt is not a very expensive mental. Even the CZ diamond studded cobalt rings are not very expensive. Buying cobalt engagement rings make a lot of sense if you are going to buy a separate ring to wear as the wedding ring. Cobalt rings are neither too cheap nor too expensive.

Looks Like a Precious Metal

The lustrous metal emulates the look of white gold, palladium, and platinum without being as expensive. The radiant white metal is a perfect substitute for precious white metals. You do not have to worry about hallmarks and certificates to prove the authenticity of the cobalt rings.


Many other kinds of durable metal are popularly being used to create engagement rings. But some of the durable metals are too hard to be resized. Cobalt is a sturdy metal that can be resized. Your jeweller might charge you for the service, but you do not have to be stuck with the wrong sized ring.

Bridal Sets

Cobalt Engagement Rings UK Collection also have bridal ring sets. If you buy a cobalt bridal ring set, you can get both the engagement and the wedding ring at an affordable price. The elegant cobalt rings do not look tacky, and the cobalt wedding ring can be perfect for everyday wear.  

Get on board the new engagement ring trend and buy a cobalt engagement ring for your partner.