6 Steps to Optimize Your Grasshopper Convection Vape

Marijuana vaporizers are quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to enjoy cannabis. There’s no real mystery behind this; marijuana vaporizers are healthier, tastier, and more efficient than any other method of consuming dry herb. The key to this how vaporizers heat cannabis. Vaporizers use electronic heating systems to evaporate the active ingredients out of the plant matter. This allows you to enjoy all of the positive effects of dry herb without any of the harmful toxins and carcinogens released by combustion.

To match marijuana vaporizers massive surge in popularity, a huge boom of high quality and luxury vaporizers has taken the market by storm. One of the newest additions to the vaporizer market is the Grasshopper Vaporizer. The Grasshopper vaporizer is a fantastic portable vape that has been designed and built by a crack team of engineers with a background in aerospace engineering. This really shows; with its stainless-steel body, the Grasshopper looks incredibly futuristic.

The Grasshopper is a straightforward and easy to use, but there a few steps to make sure that it can go even further.

Performs Best with Dry-Herbs

The Grasshopper vaporizer works best with very dry plant matter. You’ll want to ensure that your cannabis has very little water in it because the less water there is, the easier it is to evaporate the oils that hold the active ingredients. It helps if your pack your Grasshopper’s chamber loosely you an make sure that your draw is comfortable and easy. Be sure to grind your herb too, in order to open up more of your herb’s surface area to the heating system. The Grasshopper has an incredibly efficient extraction chamber, so don’t be shocked when you find you get more power in less time.

Turn the Unit On and Off

The Grasshopper has a super-fast heat up time of only 5 seconds. This means that the best way to use it is in short, sharp bursts. You can turn on the device easily for each draw by simply clicking it on and taking a draw just as the LEDs turn blue. Turn it off again at the end of your draw for best results. This is the ideal way to use the Grasshopper, leaving it on over time will lead to the unit heating up and becoming uncomfortably hot.

Take Short, Firm Draws

Some other portable vaporizers require the users to take long, gradual pulls, the Grasshopper requires that the user take short, sharp hits. This is because the Grasshopper comes equipped with a highly powerful 45-watt heater. This heater is regulated by an advanced microcontroller that takes real-time reading of the temperature to ensure efficient regulation. The short vapor path also means that your hit will build up more quickly during each draw. Since the Grasshopper extracts your dry herb so efficiently that a short draw is all you need.

Carry A Spare Battery

The Grasshopper vape is optimized for a high discharge rate, powerful heating, and great extraction. So, the included battery has a limited battery life, but has a hyper-efficient discharge rate for superior heating. The battery is fully replaceable, so you can extend your vape experience by carrying a spare with you!

The Grasshopper battery is specially designed, so you can expect optimal performance out of it. The battery life is a bit of a trade-off, but with how efficient the heating system is, you won’t need long sessions.

Extraction Power

The Grasshopper is a compact and powerful convection vaporizer. This means that it heats the air surrounding your herb and bakes the active ingredients out. This means that you can expect dense, potent, and tasty vapor with every hit. The short vapor path means that the entire device has a low thermal mass which leads to a more efficient and compact heating system. The Grasshopper makes sure that you get every last drop of vapor out of your cannabis, it’s so efficient you’ll be shocked at how much shorter yours vape sessions will be!

Keep It Clean

Over time your Grasshopper will develop a buildup of grime. This comes from the resin your herb naturally exudes and from the remnants of the vapor it produces. This can build up over time, ruining the taste and draw of yours vape. To keep this under control you simply need to clean out your Grasshopper with some cleaning fluid and a soft brush. For best results, you should clean your grasshopper every two or three sessions.

The Grasshopper is a fantastic, compact convection vaporizer with a super-efficient heating system. The compact size and futuristic stainless-steel design make this convection vape a must have for any vaporizer fan looking for a great portable unit.