6 Fashion Mistakes to Avoid at Your Next Music Festival

Attending a music festival is an iconic experience everyone should do at least once in their lifetime—like ice skating at Rockefeller Center or eating a deep-fried Twinkie anywhere. But, much like eating fair food, having a positive experience at a music festival greatly relies on how prepared you are to handle everything that comes along with it. Don’t spend one of the most exciting weekends of your life regretting every last one of your packing decisions. Read on for 6 fashion mistakes you can avoid at your next music festival to ensure you have a truly epic adventure you’ll never forget.

1. Wearing Your Best Pieces of Clothing

You may be there primarily to enjoy the music, but it’s important to remember that a big part of the whole music festival experience is the camping element that comes along with it. Do yourself a favor and leave your most expensive (and most prized) pieces of clothing out of the equation when planning your festival look. Avoid your favorite clothes getting lost or ruined by mud or sweat by not bringing them in the first place. Trust us, by leaving your favorite clothing at home, you’ll feel a lot less anxious about joining in on the fun of the mud-puddle-turned-mosh-pit opening night.

What to Wear Instead:

You may not be bringing your absolute favorite pieces, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still look cute and sassy. Pack a few pairs of cut-off denim shorts and some colorful loose-fitting cotton tunics, tanks, and crop tops, and you’ll be Instagram-ready all weekend long.

2. Accessorizing with Chunky Jewelry

Every girl needs a little bling now and then to take her outfit to the next level, but an outdoor music festival is not the place you want to be sporting those chunky bangles or layered gold chains. Not only will they make you warmer than you want to be standing beneath the blazing sun all day long, but you’ll eventually feel like you have a literal chain around your neck dragging you down when you should be feeling like you’re dancing on air.

What to Wear Instead:

Leave the elaborate jewelry at home this weekend and bring along a couple of chic pendant necklaces or fun tassel earrings instead. A fun, waterproof wristwatch is also a great accessory to rock at an outdoor concert—and one sure to get you a lot of attention when everyone else’s smartphone dies, and they need to know what time it is or risk missing their favorite band play.

3. Lugging Around a Purse

We know you have some essentials you just can’t go without but, chances are, if you bring a large shoulder bag to a music festival then you’ll inevitably throw some “less essential” items in there as well like your frequent buyer punch cards and the crumpled ball of receipts that seem to live at the bottom of every purse.

What to Wear Instead:

Do yourself and your posture a favor this weekend and invest in a small but stylish hands-free bag to carry all of your must-haves for the day. Crossbody bags and cute belt bags are both practical yet fashionable options that let you keep your necessities close at hand while also freeing up your hands for more important things like eating dripping with tahini sauce falafel pockets and taking selfies.

4. Forgoing Flats for Heels

Regardless of how “perfect” you think your new boho-chic midi dress will look with wedges, heels have no business at a music festival. Sure, in theory, you’d look like an honest-to-goodness-flower-power-goddess swaying to the tunes of your favorite band while a gentle summer breeze gently blew your hair but, in actuality, you will probably twist an ankle as you stumble through the crowded uneven dirt field on the way to the “rustic” toilets.

What to Wear Instead:

Do your feet a favor and pack some comfy and sturdy closed-toed shoes to keep you blister-free all weekend long. A pair of comfortable sneakers should do the trick when it comes to keeping light on your feet but having a pair of sturdy ankle boots or rain boots in your tent isn’t a bad idea. While you’re at it, make sure you pack an easy to fold raincoat or poncho in your camping gear as well. You know, just in case the weather gods decide they aren’t a fan of loud music and try to shut down the party with some torrential rains.

5. Forget the Layers

The concert is in the middle of the summer in the desert. Why bother bringing a jacket, right? Wrong.

What to Wear Instead:

Less you forget, as hot and steamy as the desert can get during the day, the temperatures drastically drop at night, bringing on a definite chill. Keep a cute jacket or sweater handy for those cool desert nights. Plus, you might be grateful for a long-sleeve layer (and lots and lots of sunblock) when you’re trying to protect your shoulders from those harsh mid-day UV rays.

6. Blend In

One of the appeals of a music festival is the outpouring of acceptance of personal expression. There may be a “type” of style people tend to wear to these events (think fringe) but, honestly, there’s no reason to dress a “certain” way in order to enjoy yourself.

What to Wear Instead:

First and foremost, always dress comfortably. Trust us, a three-day outdoor music festival with scorching temperatures and limited shower access is not the time to try out a new look. The last thing you want is to feel self-conscious during your favorite band’s set, causing you to worry about how you look instead of enjoying one of the best moments of your life.

Lean into color and let everyone know you’re a bright force to be reckoned with in a vibrant rainbow-inspired sundress or top. And, finally, if wearing a costume or dressing like old-school Woodstock brings you joy, then go for it. Just maybe make sure you have something a little more “you” to change into once your flight of fancy moment passes.

Being part of a music festival is something you’re going to remember forever. Don’t waste a single moment of elation worrying about what you’re wearing, and do a little pre-planning to ensure you have the time of your life at your next festival.