5 Ways to Make Your Business Attire Standout

How you dress up at your workplace plays an essential role in your success. Considering today’s workplace environment, casual wear is becoming more popular and acceptable, but you must know what is acceptable at your workplace so that you do not end up in hot water.

It is easy for men to dress up for work, they get in their formal suit or shirt and they’re ready to go. But women, it is a different ball game altogether. This article talks mainly about women and the problems they suffer when it comes to getting ready for work.

We’re going to have a look at five tips that can help you look good even in a boring business attire.

Here are 5 ways to to make your business attire standout:

Blouses And Tops

You can try different colors and designs and ditch traditional office colors as it can get very boring to wear the same thing day in and day out. Plaids, prints, polka dot materials, jewel tones and pastels are all acceptable.

Keep in mind that sleeves should fit properly; fluffy sleeves can ruin the whole look. In winter, you can go with long sleeves, for summer and spring, cap sleeves look elegant; wide-strapped tank tops are another option.


For pants, your best bet is to wear dark blue jeans with very little or no distressing; you can pair your bottoms with a structured, fitted blazer, or a front buttoned blouse as they are comfortable to walk in as well as fashionable.

Velvet or cords are another good choice but make sure you are comfortable with the fabric. Your office’s dress code may give you more freedom to wear trendier or somewhat edgier pants like wide-leg or ankle styles, so make sure to have a look at it.


Accessories such as jewelry, necklaces, and bracelets are a great way to express yourself and highlight your style. You can shop online from a store like PearlsOnly. Make sure to pick a store that offers affordable accessories that are also in fashion.

Having your neck decorated with a pearl necklace can definitely tone down the conservative feel of an outfit. Handmade and vintage pearl bracelets also work well and make you look sparkling.


When it comes to shoes, you have considerable options to choose from. Heels, wedges, boots and certain shoes can be worn with your business easy going outfits. Flats are an agreeable choice too which can be worn with jeans, but many offices bar them.

Other than this, pay attention to your bag. While clutches can be perfect for work, you may also carry a big bag if you have a lot of items to keep, however a big bag can be a nuisance as such bags are heavy and you may not wish to carry them after a long day at work.