5 Secret Tricks To Make Perfume Last Longer

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Spray on the right spots

Using perfum might look like a piece of cake. But, there are a few mistakes that we all do. And these prevent the perfume from achieving its maximum.

Did you know that the perfume should be applied on a few spots? THat are some spots that will increase the intensity of them smell. The perfume is being activated by the heat of the body. Applying it on the pulse spots is crucial. The warmth will release the molecules, allowing your perfume to be felt around.

Instead of spending a great amount of your perfume, spray only a little on your pulse points. These are: wrists, base of your neck, behind ears, inside elbows, behind knees, and ankles. You are guaranteed to smell nicely during the whole day.


Avoid rubbing

Once we apply the perfume, we all tend to rub it. But, this is where you should stop. Rubbing will break down the molecules and decrease the intensity of the scent.

Instead, spritz from a distance so that it will difuse to tiny droplets. Let it dry without touching.

Use perfume after showering

The best effect is achieved when you apply perfume after a hot shower. The open pores will absorb the scent and release it through the day.

Apply directly on the skin

Sometimes we want to make out clothes smell good by spritzing perfume. However, you would want to avoid this. The perfume can leave stain on your clothes.

It is best to apply it directly on the skin, on the spots that we already mentioned. Don’t spray over jewelry or watches, since you can damage them.

Use a moisturizer as a base

If you apply perfume on dry skin, it will quickly be absorbed. This means that the nice smell will dissapear fast. To avoid this, all you need to do is apply your favorite moisturizer.

Ever wondered why they sell a corresonding body lotion, together with the perfume? Well, this is the secret. The scent will be kept for longer if you apply moisturizer first.