5 Reasons Every Diva Needs a Samsung Galaxy S8

You’re the fashion queen of your friends group. You’ve always got the best hair, the hottest clothes, and the coolest taste. Your signature lipstick changes so often that no one could ever forget your look. But what are you still doing with that old phone? 

If you’re stuck with a blurry camera, a dead battery, or a blase look, you need a style upgrade to better service and better selfies, and the best way to get those features is with the Samsung Galaxy S8 from T-Mobile. Whether you’re uploading selfies or sending work emails, T-Mobile’s 4G LTE network gives you the speed you need to run this powerful phone. Today is the day to get what you want in a phone you deserve.

You Get an Improved Selfie Camera 

Image via Flickr by Ian D. Keating

First let’s talk about selfies. For the Galaxy S8, Samsung upgraded the front-facing camera from a 5-megapixel to an 8-megapixel sensor — the better to capture your perfect pout with!

As if that feature isn’t enough, Samsung has also included a suite of beauty settings designed to even your skin tone, widen your eyes, and slim your face. You don’t need any third-party apps or special lighting — just point, shoot, perfect, and post. You won’t be able to get those selfies uploaded fast enough. 

You’ll Benefit From Stylish Design Options

What’s better than a new pair of shades that go with your favorite bag? How about a new phone that goes with everything? Samsung has stepped up the Galaxy S8 style with a streamlined exterior and chic color choices such as Midnight Black and Orchid Gray. Samsung also took its signature curved display and extended it to both the front and back of the phone, embedding the fingerprint sensor on the back of the phone to maximize the front display. This phone is a work of art that you will love to show off.

You Harness the Power of Dex

No, he’s not your cousin’s new boyfriend. Dex is the new feature Samsung unveiled with the Galaxy S8 release. Dex allows you to connect a docking station to your computer monitor and display the S8 device layout on your display. Now you can read your texts, scroll through Instagram, and review your latest selfie sesh on the big screen. The phone also comes with built-in auto adjust features, letting you brighten and tweak your photos without the need for any third-party software. Just don’t forget to get some work done, too!

You Receive Wireless Charging Options

Wireless charging has been around for some time now, but Samsung integrated it into the Galaxy S8. You won’t need to download apps, carry multiple accessories, or dig around in the bottom of your bag for a spare cord. You can pick up a wireless charging pad, sold separately, and get back on the move before you miss a minute of the action. Need a charge? Drop by any coffee shop or other location that offers wireless charging. You’ll be back up and running in no time.

You’ll Enjoy Extra Security

Every diva knows she’s got to keep the goods on lock, and popular security measures always get hacked the quickest. Keep your photos, phone numbers, and account passwords safe and secure with the Galaxy 8 enhanced security options, including iris scanning. You may want to test out this feature before relying on it if you wear corrective lenses; Samsung says glasses or contacts can interfere with scanning results. If iris scanning won’t work for you, though, the Galaxy 8 fingerprint sensor (embedded smoothly in the back of the phone) and included facial recognition technology will keep your data safe and sound. 

Still not convinced? Give the Samsung Galaxy 8 a test drive and see for yourself. It’s sleek, sexy, and smooth, and loaded with new features, upgrades, and new tech — everything you could ask for in a phone. As a trendsetter, influencer, and all-around diva, you know that you deserve the best, including a phone that can keep up with your high-octane schedule while looking every bit as good as you.