5 Luxury Gifts for Women for Christmas 2014

Whether we like it or not, Christmas is fast approaching and it’s time to start thinking about what we’re buying our loved ones this year, (if you haven’t already been incredibly organised and planned – or bought – it all). Yes we might have only just put away the shorts and flip flops after what was a pretty good summer; but now our thoughts are turning to knitwear and coats meaning that before we know it, Christmas will be here.


Now men have never been great at choosing presents for women – as a rule anyway, some are pretty good but in general it’s proven to be far too difficult to choose the right gift as just about every woman will be able to testify from some point in their lifetime. They either buy something that is the wrong size, the wrong material, wrong colour or is, well, just plain wrong.


This year, however, it’s time to give some advice to avoid any awkward moments on Christmas morning by advising on five luxurious gifts that you could give to any woman and instantly put a smile on her face:


Makeup and Nail Varnish

This one you can easily pay attention to just by looking at your wife or girlfriend, or looking on the makeup table. Take note of her favourite colours, tones and brands and investigate what kind of packages you can get to either top-up her collection or add to it. There’s a great range of Azature nail varnish at houseofrokoko.com that will add that touch of sparkle and give her something glamorous to put on for any festivities you may be having or to go with her favourite dress.



A girl can never have too many options despite what some men might think, and earrings are always a good choice especially if they sparkle or add that extra bit of glamour to a look. Think about the kind of earrings she might wear to work or out for a night out and shop around for some options to either wow her work mates when she goes back in the New Year or for her to wear at the New Year’s Eve party.



Every girl has her favourite perfume, the scent that she likes to wear on a daily basis whether it’s to go to work, pop to the shops or for some drinks with friends. It’s easy to work out the kind of thing she likes either by physically looking at the bottle and making a note of the brand or by trying to memorise the scent. You can then go into a shop and look for the kind of thing she might like, which, while a risk, would be a nice change and give her a special fragrance that she can wear on special occasions.



Another item that a girl can never have too many of, handbags provide a range of different uses. An everyday bag would allow them to carry around their phone, money, keys, diary, makeup and other essentials; while a smaller more glamorous bag would be ideal for a night out which they can use for their makeup, phone, keys and money and will complement their outfit. This kind of bag could be especially useful if you’re planning on buying them a special dress for Christmas (hint hint gentlemen), or if she has recently bought a new outfit for the work party.


Engagement Ring?

There is of course the one thing she might be hoping for more than anything…