5 Beauty Sleep Tips

How can you get the high quality, deep sleep that your body needs every night?  The following are 5 easy tips to help you get more beauty sleep to help you face the day while having younger-looking, smooth skin.


  1.  Sleep on your Back

For the ultimate in beauty sleep, sleep on your back.

Most people have a tendency to lie on their sides when they sleep while pressing their stomachs, chests, and faces into their blankets and pillows. Although that might be very comfortable, sleeping on your side may result in premature aging by letting those blankets and pillows pull at your skin. This results in wrinkles deepening and the appearance of sleep creases on your face.

When your skin is pulled at too much, it will start to lose elasticity. When you sleep on your back, that is the best way you can avoid getting wrinkles that are caused by excess pulling.  Your skin needs to be kept free of contact as much as possible. In order for your skin to hold up well over time, treat it gently.

  1.  Use A Humidifier Inside Your Bedroom

The thing that keeps your skin fresh and buoyant is hydration.  But when you are fast asleep all night long, you aren’t drinking any water to stay hydrated. This results in your skin losing essential moisture.

To help prevent your skin from becoming dehydrated, use a humidifier inside of your bedroom.  Humidifiers take water from chambers in the machine and push it out into the air, so that the air is less dry, and is gentler on your skin.  To get the best hydration result, make sure to turn the humidifier on after applying your night cream.

  1.  Utilize Aromatherapy So That You Wake Up Energized

One of the most effective ways to get enough beauty sleep is to use aromatherapy.  The smell of lavender will especially help to improve your sleep. Researchers from Wesleyan University conducted a study in 2005 that showed lavender having a four-fold effect on the participants.      

It increased percentages of slow-wave sleep (SWS) or deep sleep, in both women and men.  

It decreased how much time was needed to wake up after falling asleep.

Rapid eye movement (REM) was decreased.

Stage 2 sleep (light sleep) was increased.

Subjects overall reported having more energy during the morning after they were exposed to lavender.  The conclusion of the study was that the scent of lavender may be used for promoting deep sleep.

Aromatherapy can be taken advantage of in two ways.  The easiest way is scenting your bedroom with lavender and then breathing it in deeply each night.  Or you can breathe the aroma in from a lavender bottle for two minutes before bedtime for three 10-minute intervals.  

  1.  Wear A Sleep Mask Made Out Of Silk To Bed

It is critical to avoid light when you are trying to sleep in order to get quality rest.  When you wear an eye mask that eliminates being vulnerable to light completely, and it prevents light from being able to interfere with your sleep.  To get the best results, a silk eye mask should be worn. Since your skin can be susceptible to wrinkling, you want to ensure that the material that is pressed against your face b the softest possible.     

For even greater beauty sleep benefits from silk, we all recommend that you use silk bedding and pillowcases. Those bedroom essentials will significantly reduce puffiness and redness so that you will have beautiful skin after a great night’s sleep.

  1.  Buy A High-Quality Mattress

When you sleep on a low-quality mattress, that experts pressure points onto your back, which results in poor sleep quality and pain.  You don’t have to settle for discomfort any longer. The best way of achieving restful sleep that can promote healthy skin is to use a memory foam Tulo mattress.

A memory foam mattress is a great investment.  If you want high-quality sleep, then spending some money up front will be made up for by the increased beauty and efficient you can enjoy throughout your day.