4 Websites Where You Can Find Ideas for Your Beauty Blog

Beauty blogs are some of the most popular on the web. And because of that, there are over 30,000,000 of them globally.  

Successful beauty bloggers are powerful people, and beauty is a topic area that will never go away.  Some of them have a very specific niche, and others are more generalized. And the successful ones rake in lots of income through brand promotion and affiliate marketing.

But what makes them popular is not just the advice they give and the products they review but the way in which they communicate to their audiences.

If you are really serious about a beauty blog, then you have several tasks ahead of you, none of which is easy. One of those tasks is obviously finding topics for your blog – before you ever think about how you are going to excite an audience about the way you present them.

Where to Start

Let’s back up for just a minute. If you are ready to start a beauty blog, you need to find your niche. To do that, you have to think about yourself and what beauty niche excites you and for which you have some passion.

You can never have a successful beauty blog unless you are excited about the content you are going to give your audience.

Second, you have to do all of that research to discover who your audience really is and where they hangout, so that you can promote your blog effectively. Are you looking to attract teens, young adults, middle-agers, or seniors? Based upon that audience, the topics you choose and the way you “talk” will be very different.

Now You’re Ready to have a “Look-See”

It’s time to access those highly popular beauty blogs and check out the topics that are most trending. And remember, it is not just the topics – it is the way content is delivered. By carefully reviewing the blogs of the successful, you will gain both insight and ideas.

Most Popular Beauty Websites to Review

Below are listed just a few beauty websites you will want to look at.

  1. Miss Whoever You AreThis is Eileen Dautruche’s amazing site, combining expertise, a bit of sarcasm, and a lot of sass. Because she reviews products and provides video tutorials on all types of beauty and fashion topics, you will easily be able to find topics in your niche. Dautruche’s writing style is one that would be valuable to emulate. If you have the niche expertise but not the amazing delivery style, check out some good essay writing services that house great creative writers. They can take your topic and make it “sing.”
  2. Grace Helbig – Daily GraceThis is one of the most comedic beauty vloggers on the planet. Her videos are a great mix of tutorials with huge doses of humor. She covers a huge variety of topics – find her on YouTube and get some great topic ideas for yourself. Check out some of her videos on topics related to your niche, and you’ll get some great ideas.
  3. Rouge I8 – Amber KatzAnother all-around beauty site, this woman has mastered the art of entertaining while she presents her advice and how-to’s. her columns cover a huge variety of topics, and you are sure to find some for your niche. And just for fun, read her column titled “Fictionary” – a dictionary for all thing beauty-related.More than topic ideas, however, you will see how comedy has such a huge role to play in blogging. If you are not the comedic writer, then, while you are checking out the best beauty websites, check out the best websites that can take your dry and dull post and add the humor you need.
  4. Patricia Bright – “Patricia Bright”

    This young Brit has an amazing style, whether in short texts or, much more commonly, her videos. Check her out on Twitter or YouTube. Her forte is breaking down what could be complicated beauty routines into simple basics. But her topics are far-ranging and good fodder for any beauty blog niche.Growing a beauty blog will take time. There is so much competition, and promotion is a huge undertaking. But, if you have an entertaining writing style, know your audience, and can take advantage of the newest technologies, you have a shot. And for those topics? Read other beauty bloggers for your inspiration.You may never be considered a guru in your own right. But if you can deliver amazing advice, stunning pictures, and humor, sass, and a large does of video content, you have a shot.

Author Bio: Daniela McVicker is a freelance writer who regularly blogs for Rated by Students, a writing website review platform. “I love to read content that makes me laugh while I learn,” she states, “and that really is how successful blogging is done.”