4 Characteristics to Look for When Buying Original

The UGG is regarded to be as fashionable boots that every woman must have in their closet. However, the rise in the popularity of these boots has led to the development of sellers who do not really have good intentions to serve their customers with the best and thus scam them with the counterfeit UGG. 

Purchasing the Original UGG is probably the simplest step to be taken to make sure that you get the real product. However, besides this, there are specific characteristics of the boots which can be analysed to understand the boots you are about to purchase are genuine or not.  Some of these features are: 

  1. The Labels of UGG Boots

The UGG products that are crafted by an authorized manufacturer define their identity through labels. Making a note of this will help you realize where exactly the boots were crafted, and whether they are officially manufactured by the original company. Apart from that, the label has an authentic symbol of the brand which can be compared with other counterfeit versions to know the difference between the both.

Those of poor quality have slight colour variation in the logo and most importantly, their labels are off-shaded than the Original UGGYou can even have a look over the stitching quality too, which would obviously appear great in the real ones.

Hence, the three things that you must look for in the label of UGG boots are:

  • The area where the boots were manufactured
  • The design of the logo and
  • The colour of the label
  1. Security Parameters

To fight against the counterfeit UGG boots, there are many companies that have equipped their boots with security measures such as stickers and special labels that are seen only in Original UGG boots.  This is one of the most reliable methods to ensure the authenticity of the boots.

The common types of security measures include a holographic logo that changes its specific colour when rotated by an angle of ninety degrees. Further, the box that contains the boots must have the same sticker and should match with the design as seen on the boots. 

  1. Analyze The Packaging

The Original UGG boots are usually packed in strong and sturdy cardboard boxes, so ensuring the quality of the box can even help you figure out the difference. Moreover, certain buyers even state that the wrapper in which the boots are packed are cranky for the original ones while the scam ones come in low-grade plastic and do not have anything mentioned on them.

Along with that, a care booklet is given along with the boots that contain an authentication card, stating it was packed from the warehouse of a certified UGG manufacturer. The booklet should be printed perfectly with a high-quality ink and paper without any blurry appearance. 

You will never find the following items in the pack and they are:

  • Brown bag that has the print saying snow boots
  • Independent labels pinned onto the boots or other tags
  • The flag of a country printed on the box or packaging material

  1. Quality of Fur

The Original UGG boots are known for their pure sheepskin material. This is the reason why the boots are lined with creamy, rich and thick fur, while the counterfeit ones have greyish and whitish colour that feels like plastic. If you are still unable to make out the difference between the both then a good trick is to rub them and if it is fake, then pieces of the fur will come off the boots.

These are the simple, yet useful characteristics of Original UGG boots that can be examined when you buy the ideal one.