3 Reasons to Choose a Destination Wedding for Your Marriage Ceremony

Home might be where the heart is, but that doesn’t mean that’s where you and your partner have to get married! More than ever, couples are choosing to go somewhere else for their marriage ceremony in a trend that’s known as destination weddings. In fact, as many as 1 in 4 Americans have had a destination wedding in the last year, with Hawaii locations, such as ours at Kauai island wedding venue, being the second most popular destination for out-of-town weddings. 

Wondering why so many people are choosing to take flight and exchange rings somewhere other than in their own backyard? Check out the following 3 reasons why so many couples are choosing to have a destination wedding and why you should too!

  • Significantly less stress.

If you’ve ever watched any classic wedding movie, any brides or marriage-focused reality show, or have ever been a part of planning a wedding, then you already know that stress and wedding planning seem to belong together like peanut butter and jelly. But not so when it comes to destination weddings. The reason that is because that planning this type of wedding is actually simpler thanks to a variety of reasons.

First off, resorts such as Koloa Landing have worked hard to make their locations appealing to both honeymooners and wedding seekers. One way they’ve done this is by keeping full-time wedding coordinators on staff who are knowledgeable about the area’s marriage license requirements and are adept at putting together comprehensive wedding packages to take care of all the ceremony essentials (such as officiant and photographer) as well as the extras (cake design and care packages). This means all you need to do is send in you rmust-haves and the wedding coordinator will take care most of the details while all you need to do is shop for your bikini.

The second big reason why destination weddings are so much less stress is because there is significantly reduced risk of guest drama. A destination wedding enables you to keep the guest list short and sweet, making it easy for you to refuse that friend’s plus two request or worry about Uncle Mark and Aunt Mindy stealing the scene at the reception. Instead, a destination wedding allows the bride and groom to focus on the true reason for the event, joining their lives together in marriage.

  • Cost effective for both wedding and honeymoon.

Many soon-to-be newlyweds are surprised when they find out that destination weddings can often be had for cheaper rates than a traditional wedding, and doubly so if you are combining it with honeymoon costs. This is again largely thanks to the comprehensive packages put together by destination wedding venues like Koloa Landing. Here, you get to enjoy all the advantages of a tropical location for both a wedding and a week+ long honeymoon at an inclusive price that includes lodging, meals, drinks and sometimes even airfare. Therefore, there is simply no better word to use to describe such a package than cost-effective!

  • Opens up the possibilities for both bride and groom to get involved.

So just because there’s an onsite wedding coordinator to gather all the basics and ensure you have what you need for an unforgettable wedding, doesn’t mean there aren’t other ways to get involved with the wedding-slash-honeymoon-slash-vacation-reunion! In fact, a destination wedding with your closest friends and family offers a plethora of other ways to get involved. For every member of the party to get involved. Maybe your partner doesn’t want to handle the big events but does want to organize something like a day outing with a helicopter outfit or a special happy hour mixer at a local Hawaiian bar they heard about. Or maybe you want to put together a special spa package and gift bags. Whatever the case, with a destination wedding, you and your partner can still plan out the fun stuff and get involved with the things you most want to do and leave the things you don’t want to stress about to the resort coordinator.