3 Crazy Things We Women Put our Feet Through in the Name of Fashion

It’s no surprise that we women are willing to put our bodies through various forms of torture in order to look great all the time. From 3-sizes-too-small skinny jeans to insane pedicures to keep our toes looking amazing, there are few things that we won’t do in the name of fashion. Focusing on feet in particular, find out three crazy things we women are willing to do with our feet, all so we can look our best.

Sky-high heels can make you tumble

In recent years, the subtle three-inch heel has given way to heels of seemingly no limit, up to ten inches for daring divas in the fashion spectrum! We aren’t willing to torture our feet to that degree all the time, but we are still compromising our comfort with allowing trends in heels to reach an average of five inches in height.

According to CNN.com, women are more willing than ever to replace their supportive flats for heels that disturb tender arches and terrorize poor toes, all for the elongating leg effects that these super high heels can provide. Reports show that women are complaining about their feet in growing numbers, up seventy five percent from 2005 to 2009. Even with medical warnings against too-high heels and the fashionable flats that are available, women continue to wear their heels to bone-breaking degrees.

Fishy pedicure, anyone?

All the rage these days, at least according to the Kardashian’s, is the flesh-eating fish pedicure. It is performed exactly as it sounds- women are placing their tender toes in fish bowls, allowing these tiny goldfish-sized fish to munch on their dead skin to hopefully reveal fresh tootsies and reinvigorated skin as a result.

Not as popular in the US due to possible sanitary issues, women still are eager to try out this odd method of pedicure to attain the most feminine-looking heels and toes. Reportedly, this type of pedicure increases blood flow to the feet and allows them to look more youthful and glowing. If a woman is willing to let tiny fish munch on her feet, this may be a strange trend to try.

Flip-flop mishaps

Flip-flops are like ugly Christmas sweaters. They always show up in the closet but do nothing for style. Beyond that, flip-flop sandals are potentially bad for women’s feet since they offer little to no support but are worn nearly everywhere. Women can be found at all times of the year donning these lazy shoes, from shopping at the mall to heading to the gym, and the constant abuse of not wearing ‘real’ shoes can take its toll on even the most diehard flip-flop fan.

Still, shoes are easy to find in both trendy styles and comfortable styles as well. In shopping for footwear that provides ample arch support while still making us look amazing, we women everywhere can find comfort in our feet while still feeling as great as we look. We can still wear our crazy high heels every now and then, but we don’t have to make our feet suffer every day just to be fashionable and in style.

We may be willing to do amazingly torturous things to our feet, from crazy high heels to non-supportive flats, and everything in between, but one thing remains constant- pain is beauty in the case of feet. Luckily we have many choices when it comes to what we wear, so we can break this painful trend once and for all. We may even find ourselves falling in love with comfort over beauty, and can feel lucky that we can absolutely enjoy both at the same time.


This is a post by Anita, writer for Macy’s and Higherclick. She is also a blogger, photographer and a cat lover.