25 Seriously Life-Changing Storage Ideas Every Woman Should Know

Hey my lovely divas! We are always here to inspire you and give you some fresh ideas. For today, I have “25 Seriously Life-Changing Storage Ideas Every Woman Should Know”. Are you excited? These ideas that you are going to see in a short will acknowledge you to organize your things easily. Plus, you will have an easy access to everything! Your jewelry, bags, shoes and scarves need a good organization? Let’s check these tricks out! Enjoy and have fun!


I adore wearing jewelry and I can’t imagine going out without a necklace or bracelet. For my entire life I was storing my jewelry into boxes and drawers and I didn’t get much use out of all of them. You need to display your jewelry, if you don’t want to forget what you already have in your jewelry boxes, drawers, etc. You should display it in a better way, so that you will have an easy access to everything and you will make more fashionable combinations too. See what you can use to display your jewelry:

Old wooden ladder 

image via secondstreet.ru

Metal display rack 

image via secondstreet.ru

Jewelry tree

image via secondstreet.ru

Wooden cabinet 

image via knockoffdecor.com

Jewelry box

image via www.essiebutton.com


These ideas that I have selected for you will help you save and organize your bags well. That means that you will have an easy access to every bag you want to carry with you whenever you decide to go out. You can hang them in the closet or display them in your bedroom. They can stand as a great decor in your room!

Wall-mounted metal rack

How to Organize Vintage Jewelry
image via blog.salvagelife.com

Wooden open shelf cabinet

image via www.hauntfestwi.com

Bag Rack

image via www.hauntfestwi.com

Over the door bag storage idea

image via www.wiibrowser.com

Wooden hooks 

image via www.cocokelley.com


Fall and winter seasons require warm and cozy clothes. Scarves are fall and winter essentials and we should update our closets as soon as possible. They may look tricky for storing, but don’t worry. I have some interesting and really easy solution that you can use in practice to store your scarves. You can beautify the empty wall with a beautiful hanger and hang all of your colorful and warm scarves or you can hang them in the closet – it’s all up to you!

Plastic hanger

image via julieannart.com

PVC pipes in drawer

image via www.bhg.com

Steel hooks 

diy scarf hanger by decor and the dog[5]
image via decorandthedog.net
DIY scarf hanger 

image via www.hisugarplumsblog.com

Scarf closet solution 

image via iheartorganizing.blogspot.mk

Over the door scarf storage solution

image via www.danimiller.com

DIY Clothes Pin Scarf Holder

image via www.sallyannk.com


Are you a shoe-addict? If you are you are probably facing a shoe storage issue! Don’t worry, because I have some interesting storage solutions that will work great for all of you. These solutions below look neat and don’t occupy much space. You can buy a shoe organizer or if you have some free time, you can make one at home. There are million storage ideas that can be made, easily and quickly without spending a fortune!

Wall-mounted shoe shelves 

image via www.epbot.com

Wooden shoe storage idea 

image via fortikur.com

Living room shoe cabinet 

image via www.housetohome.co.uk

Entryway bench with shoe storage

image via www.sboki.com

Lovely wooden shoe drawer

image via www.goodshomedesign.com

Wall shoe holder 

image via www.marthastewart.com

Old ladder to store shoes 

image via www.realsimple.com

Over the door storage solution 

image via dom.116.ru

Did you like these storage ideas above? You can share your opinion in a comment below! Thank you for reading! Enjoy in the rest of your day and stay up to date with the content of Fashion Diva Design!