18 Street Style Combinations To Wear This Spring

Hey my lovely ladies! I have already shown you some of the spring trends and you have find them on our site Fashion Diva Design. For today, I have selected 18 street style combinations to inspire you and to awaken your creativity. All of the outfits are fantastic and I have fallen in love with them. I hope that you will like them too. Check them out and find your next outfit. Enjoy and have fun!

Stylish and modern outfit to copy this spring 

image via seamsforadesire.com

 Casual grey dress for everyday 

image via seamsforadesire.com

 Elegant and chic combination to copy this season 

image via www.p-ivonia.com

 “All white” is trendy and stylish 

image via www .p-ivonia.com

 Leather top and denim skirt – do you like it?

image via www.p-ivonia.com

 Gorgeous midi skirt and top – perfect outfit for everywhere

image via www.stilettobeats.com

 Glam and chic striped jumpsuit to wear this spring 

image via www.stilettobeats.com

The shorts, skirts and sundresses are the best pieces for the sunny days. You can make so many stylish combinations with shorts or tops and fancy tees. What do you prefer to wear dresses or skirts? I love wearing dresses and I’m very excited because I can finally wear my floral dress. All white is popular and it is one of the hottest trends this season. If you haven’t updated your wardrobe with a white piece of clothes, now you have a chance to do that.

 Leather jacket and ankle boots in a combination with shorts and simple tee

image via watchoutladies.net

Striped pencil skirt and black shirt – elegant and sophisticated combo! 

image via watchoutladies.net

 Shorts and striped tee – comfy outfit for every day! 

image via watchoutladies.net

 Lovely outfit for work or business meeting 

image via www.stilettobeats.com

Casual outfit for the lazy days 

image via www.miaventuraconlamoda.com

 Lovely blue dress in a combination with green sandals and orange bag

image via www.miaventuraconlamoda.com

Red pants and striped blouse – perfect combination

image via www.miaventuraconlamoda.com

 Fabulous waistless orange dress

image via www.miaventuraconlamoda.com

 Chic and fancy combination to copy this season 

image via www.miaventuraconlamoda.com

 Lovely beige shirt and printed skirt for every occasion 

image via www.miaventuraconlamoda.com

I hope that you have found these outfits beautiful and you will copy the one that you like. I can’t decide yet which one is my favorite. Which one is yours? If you have some other fashionable and stylish spring inspired combinations, feel free to leave me a comment or write me a message. I would love to see all of your ideas. Thank you for reading! Enjoy in the rest of your day and stay up to date with the contents of our site.