16 Amazing Dresses by Nina Ricci

Hey divas, Fashion Addict here. Nina Ricci is a wonderful designer and today I decided to show you 16 fantastic dresses for your closet designed by her.

Nina Ricci (born Maria Adélaide Nielli; 14 January 1883 – 30 November 1970) was a French fashion designer of Italian origin. At the early age of 12 she moved with  her family to France and her fascination with fashion began at this time. Incredibly at 13 years old she became an apprentice to a dressmaker. At 18 she was the head of the  Atelier.  She rose to be the Chief Designer at 22. Nina used her intuitive feminine intuition and natural talent to master these skills.


“Beach to night and the seventies” were Peter Copping’s starting points for Resort and His ending point was the sauciest, sexiest Nina Ricci collection he’s done. Little bikinis were the foundation for everything from a bordeaux camisole and slip combo to a lilac cashmere sweater worn with a scuba-fabric skirt to peekaboo lace cocktail dresses. And another brilliant idea that put the emphasis on ease is a smocked blouse in a micro-print and a matching full skirt. Copping said: “It’s just smarter to give our girl options.”


Enjoy in my presentation.


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