15 Refreshing Summer Fruit Nail Designs

Hey Divas! Do you know what it’s better than eating fruits? Well, getting a cute fruit nail design, of course! In this post you can find 15 refreshing summer fruit nail designs. You can also read out step-by-step tutorials and make these cute nail arts by yourselves. Check out the photos below!

Place your favorite fruit on your nails and have fun this summer. To prolong the life of your fruit don’t forget to add a topcoat for a beautiful shine. You can choose between many fruits or mix them and have a mixed fruit nail designs. Try this manicure ideas causte they’re the freshest thing in season!!!

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To achieve the watermelon nail art follow the steps. First you need to apply red base coat and a green tip. Outline the tip with white nail polish and make light green squiggles in the tip. As a finish add the black raw seed with a toothpick.

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The kiwi nail design can be done very easily. First, you need to put a base green coat, and then place a white oval in the middle. Second, you take toothpick and make lines coming out of the oval. With the toothpick add black dots between the lines.

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For the strawberry design, first you need to apply the base coat and then add the strawberry green heads. Later you add the raw of seeds.

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