15 Interesting DIY Hanger Tutorials

Hey my dear ladies! I have found 15 diy hanger tutorials that will help you organize and refresh your wardrobe with some fancy and cute hangers. What do you see when you open your wardrobe? If your clothes are not organized well, then I need to say that this is a perfect time to organize them. All of these tutorials that I have found are very easy and quick to make. Plus, you won’t need any special materials to crate them. Take a look at them and find your next project. Enjoy and have fun!


image via wellitsokay.blogspot.com

Marvelous neon hangers – quick and easy to make 

image via planb.annaevers.com

Gorgeous DIY hangers 

image via thesoutherninstitute.com

Cute dotted hangers 

image via entermyattic.blogspot.nl

The following two ideas are very easy for creating and you will need a plastic hanger and yarn. Pick your favorite colors and start creating your next project. You should not spend money on a new hangers, because you can give a new look to the old ones easily, in just a few steps.

Beautiful diy yarn-wrapped hangers 

image via wecanredoit.blogspot.com

Easy to make diy neon hangers 

image via www.brit.co

Interesting diy hanger idea for your entryway


Marvelous DIY hangers 

image via www.livelovediy.com

Lovely DIY fabric hangers


image via shopruche.com

If you didn’t know where to store your flip-flops, then you should definitely see the solution below. It is very useful and functional at the same time. Check it out and make it at your home.

DIY flip-flop storage solution

image via www.listotic.com

Tape and ribbon holeder

image via www.listotic.com

Amazing DIY shower ring scarf hanger

image via www.thebudgetdecorator.com

DIY hangers with floral paper napkins

image via craftandcreativity.com
 I couldn’t organize my wardrobe for years and yesterday I found this solution below that will help you all hang your combinations together. In other words, you can make a combination for work and hang it on a double hangers.

Learn how to create double clothes hangers with can tabs 

image via ideabottle.blogspot.com

Lovely DIY hangers for little princess 

image via www.lovemaegan.com

I hope that you have found these ideas interesting and you will try them out at home. I really like the last idea and I think that this is going to be my next project. Which one do you like the most? You can share your opinion with me. If you have some other suggestions, please feel free to write me a comment below. I would love to see everything. Thank you for reading! Enjoy in the rest of your day and stay up to date with the contents of Fashion Diva Design!