15 Amazing Life – Changing Hacks

Hey my ladies! How are you? For today, I have made you a collection of 15 amazing life – changing hacks. Check them out!


Do you want to look perfect? Take a look at the picture below and learn how to do a wavy hairstyle with a flat iron easily in a few steps!

image via www.ramshackleglam.com

Can’t open the nail polish? I have a perfect solution for you that you may didn’t know!

image via beauty.lovelyish.com

When you are in a hurry, you can use a flat iron for your clothes. But you should keep the flat iron clean, if you don’t want to ruin your clothes.

image via lifehacker.com

You don’t know how to wash the stains form your favorite piece of clothes, made of red wine? Don’t panic! Soak the red wine with white wine and that’s it. The stains will disappear.

image via www.wikihow.com

Your new jeans can’t be washed and they continue to smell bad? What should you do? There is one solution that can help you solve this problem. You should only put them in the the fridge and that’s it!

image via www.rawrdenim.com

When you are out, on a meeting, party etc. and you don’t have time and place to saw your button from your shirt, you can use a nail polish.

image via www.elle.com

I finally found a solution for the problem that was bothering me all life. See how to keep your zipper up and go out like a real lady without checking every minute your zipper.

image via www.listotic.com

A chewing gum is stack on your favorite pair of jeans? I know that this can be very annoying situation, but don’t worry. You can take out the gum in couple of steps. You should use ice to harden the gum and then to scrape off the gum with kitchen knife.

image via www.wikihow.com

Do you want to look like the celebrities? They look so fancy and sophisticated even when they wear simple shirts, tees and sundresses. Take a look how they cuff their sleeves right now and try it!

image via www.whowhatwear.com

Ombre shorts? Why not! The sun is up and we will have a lot of sunny days in the both seasons, spring and summer. So, the shorts will be an essentials and this tutorial below is perfect idea that we can try to make at home.

image via negrowhite.net

Cuff your jeans with a piece of lace. I can’t imagine my life without a pair of jeans and I think that you can’t live without them too. If you want to make a change in your outfit without spending a fortune, then you should start from your jeans. A piece of lace can change your whole look!

image via wobisobi.blogspot.co.il

The shorts with zircons can be very expensive and why spending money on this kind of shorts that you can be made at home in couple of steps? The tutorial below will teach you how to embellish your shorts easily. Give a new look to your shorts and enjoy in the beautiful weather with style.

image via theberry.com

The sun is up and we can finally go out. You want to workout, but you don’t like the shirt that you bought anymore? The tutorial below will teach you how to transform your shirt into chic shirt, perfect for workout easily.

image via www.blogilates.com

You probably need to wear bra, but you don’t want to be seen, right? Take a look at the tutorial below and learn how to embellish your bra. I really like it, because it will give you a modern effect to your look.

image via www.polyvore.com

The shorts are spring/summer essentials and we should all update our closets with them. If you can’t afford them or just don’t want to spend money on clothes, then you should definitely see the tutorial below. You can transform your old shorts into stylish and modern piece of clothes with a piece of lace easily.

image via www.hercampus.com

Thank you for reading! I hope that you have these find these hacks interesting and fun. Enjoy in the rest of your day and stay up to date with the contents of Fashion Diva Design!