14 Converse DIY Ideas

Hey Divas! Are you a great lover of Chuck Taylors? If your old Converse sneakers are dirty and hole-y, check out the photos below and get inspired about how to refresh them. In this post you can take a look at 14 Converse DIY Ideas. Give your old converse sneakers a new look.

There are many fun ways to refresh them. A quick and easy update involves sticking spokes through the backs of the sneakers. You can add studs through the sides of the sneakers and firmly press the prongs down on the inside, or find the design you love the best and paint it. You can also cover your sneakers with a layer of glue and glitter and make them shine. Or just tie dye them just like the tie dye you did at summer camp. Another fun thing to do is to cut your own wings and attach them to the sides of the sneakers. You can also try splattering them with paint. Choose one of the many ideas below and get down to work!

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