10 Outstanding Nail Designs That Will Be Popular This Fall

Hey my lovely divas! I’m always here to show you the latest fashion trends that have appeared on the runways. We have a new season just around the corner, which means that new trends are going to show up soon too. What’s going to be trendy and popular? What’s going to be the most popular piece of clothes that we should all have in our wardrobes? I have already shown you some trends and if you want to keep up to date with the fashion, visit our site Fashion Diva Design! We have everything, from wedding dresses, cocktail dresses, street style outfits, to nails and diy projects. For today, I have “10 Outstanding Nail Designs That Will Be Popular This Fall”. Are you excited? Let’s check them out one by one. Enjoy and have fun!

#1: Oval Nails

Square nails may look fascinating, but oval nails are having a moment. Short cut oval nails, polished with interesting colors – why not! You can choose any color or pattern you want. The oval shaped nails will add a glamorous and sophisticated touch to your look. Go on girls and try this trend.

oval nails-red
image via thefashiontag.com
nails-negative space
image via www.nailartideas.net
oval nails-pink
image via annech.co.uk

#2: Short Nails

If you thought that short nails are not in, you are wrong. They are one of the hottest nail trends, so go on and cut your nails short and then polish them with a neutral or dark nail polish.

short nails-pastels
image via nail-art-styling.com
short nails-neutrals
image via nail-art-styling.com

#3: Negative Space Nails

This trend is one of the most interesting and fun and it is one of my favorites, because they are unique and you need more time and skills for them. What about you? Do you like negative space nails? See these two ideas below and draw some inspiration. You may find them beautiful and start follow this negative space nail trend, who knows?

negative space nails-black
image via pkfashiontrend.com
negative space nails-pink
image via thenailluxxe.wordpress.com

#4: Artistic Splatter Nail Designs

If you ever considered artistic splatter nails to be amazing nail art, you should start learning how to polish your nails in that way, because this nails are having a moment this fall. Imagine how fun it will be to mix white, red, orange, blue and yellow together? You can try it on and send us a picture. I love to see the final results of your artistic nails.

nails-artistic design
image via paulinaspassions.com
image via www.spektorsnails.com

#5: Blue Nails

Blue eye shadow is one of the biggest makeup trend that was spotted on the runways, so we should expect that makeup to be complemented with blue nails too. You can go with every shade of blue and be trendy. Vibrant or royal blue, bright or dark, shimmery or not, you can choose the color you want for your nails and look trendy and chic.

nails-royal blue
image via www.manicurator.com
image via womandot.com

#6: Going Minimal

This fall, minimalist clothes, makeup and nails will be popular. You can go with monochromatic nails or match two or three colors. I have found two very interesting minimal nails for you today. Check them out and draw some inspiration.

negative space nails
image via thegenerationnation.com
negative space nails-black and white
image via thegenerationnation.com

#7: Swirl Nail Designs

While the previous nail trend was plain, this swirl nail trend is bold and one of the most noticeable. The textured nail designs with swirls are one of the most popular ones, so go on and try them on.

swirl nails
image via www.lucysstash.com
image via www.ivillage.ca

#8: White Nails

Simple and plain, yet gorgeous and lovely – the white manicure will make you look lovely and bright. You don’t need to have white pieces on you to polish your nails white!

white nail design
image via mgn3.net
white nails
image via www.publicdesire.co.uk

#9: Neutral Nail Desings

Neutral palettes are always a good choice, because they math nearly anything. If you don’t have time to polish your nails every day, then you should definitely follow this neutral nail trend.

neutral nails-sparkly
image via www.womendailymagazine.com
neutral nails
image via callinamarie.buzznet.com

#10: Red Nails

Red is the color of sophistication, glamour, elegance, power, passion. If you want to make a statement, go on and polish your nails red.

stiletto nails-red
image via wisgoon.com
nails-dark red
image via wisgoon.com