Winter Wedding Season – This Could Get Expensive

There is no doubt that women enjoy the excuse to get dressed up when the wedding invites pour in, any reason to buy a gorgeous new dress, shoes and accessories has most women squealing with glee. However, when you consider that on average women spend roughly £400 every time they attend a wedding, the excitement soon turns to bill headaches. The problem isn’t just the outfit but all the extras that come along with it, after all, no woman wants to take the time to pick the right dress to then forget the finishing details such as hair, make up, and much more. No expense seems to be spared and yet, if we don’t time our savings correctly, we can end up getting stung for a long time after the main event, or even have to turn down several weddings to make up for our overzealous spending on the others.

    It would seem that it isn’t just the bride and groom that pour nearly all their time, money and effort into looking perfect for the big day. The majority of women have openly admitted that they will shamelessly spend lots of money to ensure that they look stunning, as reported by the Mail Online. The best advice this piece offers is to save a little each week in the run up to the wedding. You can also cut costs even more by purchasing an exceptional dress and just altering the accessories if/when you need to.

    If you want to wow and dazzle and ensure that the dress you pick has lots of mileage then why not take a look at the ‘Wedding’ section on some online retailers? The sumptuous style of the Polka Dot Tea Dress from bonprix oozes sophistication and elegance that is perfect for any themed wedding. The vintage emulation and subtle detailing promise that this dress will never look tired no matter how many weddings you have to use it for. Not only does the pattern draw the eye but the box around the waist gives definition and emphasises an hourglass figure. Available in a range of colours this polka dot dress ticks all the right boxes when preparing for that special day – and best of all? It goes perfectly with such an extensive range of accessories, this dress will compliment whatever look you decide upon, whether it will be delicate and girly, or bold and dramatic.