What Can Make You Look Different This Season?

There are rules to keep and rules to break. Many of the fashion icons prefer breaking the French tradition and wear sandals with socks. What else can make you stand out?

5 Innovative Wardrobe Items That Will Make A Different Look At Fashion

Modern fashion trends include pastel palette, Pantone ultraviolet, lax, and minimal makeup. Vintage, straw bags, spotted silk dresses, and cat eyeglasses will make you look gorgeous and feel confident. What fashion trends change the understanding of beauty fundamentally?

1. Dress up to work out

Sports style have always been representing sporty, loose pants or yoga 98% cotton garment. Sport makes us feel comfortable, confident and sporty. The trend has a great success and involves more people in fashion and healthy way of life. The positive effect attracted fashion designers. They make more items to see more ambitions. When talking about gym kit we are not considering hoodies and loose pants anymore. Why pause your inner princess while work-out?


Vintage and PE

The rules have changed. Sport garment enterprises released the vintage collections  massively this year. PE old kits are highly recommended. If you are lucky enough to have an old Nike jacket which is more than thirty years old but still look cool, you are the lucky one.

2. The shining stain and transparency

Shine bright like a diamond. It is the logo of the 2018 all seasons trend. Together with the 100% cotton, lax, denim, silk, and other sewing materials, satin keeps a strong position. The earlier shining texture of the garment was a sigh of its cheap production and a poor taste. Today everything changes. The more your dress or pants suit shines, the better. Versace made a clear statement.


The perfect application is light summer dress in pastel shades. Trendy wraparound or ruche would be a nice choice for summer 2018/19. The particular place takes spotted prints. The light vintage style with a pin-up spirit will make your outlook spectacular. Another option is a pants suit. Jacket and trousers are a must-have for the season. If you know how to make clothes but don’t have time for that, skip your essay writing https://customwriting.com/write-my-essay.

3. Socks mode on

Will you or will you not put on a sock on it? How many does your closet organizer have? Light slingbacks, peeps, sandals, slippers or pumps should go with a sock. French classic fashion tradition would never recommend and allow doing this. On the other hand, Scandinavian style, where the weather is not that warm, ladies are used to wear socks with everything. The trend is perfect for those who prefer standing out. It will definitely attract attention and make you look brave. Not only will it help you to build a summer outfit, but also create a great outfit for a gym, and become an excellent addition to a classic suit. The more print, the better. The trend stopped being a hipster identifier and turned into a fashion rule. The variety of prints is endless. Don’t miss another way to express yourself and be original.


4. Vintage and straw bags

Good for you if you have already learned the concept of a capsule wardrobe. It means that you, your mom or granny have a secret closet with real treasures in it. Bring out all clothing items that were waiting for its glory hour. The time has come. The grandma wardrobe might not have IKEA closet organizer, but a chick vintage bag. You are super lucky if it is made of straw. Vintage is an item that is thirty or more years old.


Today you can find a brand and fashionable handbag in the markets of Bali. Whether you have seen an old leather brandy handbag, you should consider using it. Today brands pay particular attention to everything that is old but still good. It is also another reason to think about what you have to save for your children or grandkids that might become a treasure.

5. Mediterranean sensuality

That’s how Vogue have represented monochrome, gold, and rod school glamour. The street look is often more demanding than relaxed and light. It is better to cover tops with a jacket of transparent blouses; it is better to wear slippers, not sandals, shorts are only good for a picnic. Mediterranean types of clothes include monochrome minimalism. Be it all beige, white, blue, gray, red, or black look, make it simple. Essential items in your capsule wardrobe are the best choice for a perfect street look. Check out old-style glamour items.