Why Wait? Wear Your Diamonds Every Day

It is said that women should not wear diamonds before they turn 40, and even this age may be too early for some. But what is the joy of having diamonds if you choose not to wear them several years just because of a saying? Life’s too short. Especially when diamonds and other gemstones can add a touch of sophistication to every outfit you wear.

Everyday Diamonds

Many women have diamond engagement and wedding rings, so it is not surprising that they are worn daily. It’s quite common actually. But how you wear your diamonds and other gemstones, such as sapphires or emeralds, will depend on your personal taste.

You may decide to live as lavishly as Elizabeth Taylor, who often wore her jewelry even to the pool or beach. She always looked glamorous and dared you to wear your diamonds with the same confidence. If you want to live such a glamorous life, go ahead and live the way you’d like – you can never be too tacky when it comes to that lively sparkle of a diamond.

Hair and Makeup

Gemstones are not the only accessory that matters when you are artfully incorporating jewelry in your daily wardrobe. If you are wearing diamonds and other gemstones close to your face, consider closely how you’ll wear your hair and makeup. Makeup for this glamorous look should be minimal – choose a cool blue eyeshadow for sapphires or a soft green for emeralds.

If you wear your hair up, the sparkling gems on your neck and ears are emphasized. This can be as simple as putting your hair back with a few bobby pins, and as much as a formal up-do, depending on where you are headed. A more formal event, as well, will allow you to wear your best pieces.

How to Pair Gemstones

Diamonds are gorgeous, but luckily for all of us, there is a variety of beautiful and colorful variety of gemstones. From the vibrant blue of sapphires through to bohemian turquoise and deep emerald, pair these lovelies with your diamonds to create a lovely look. You can even customize your loose emerald gemstones and make them more in tune with your own personal style.

A classic pairing includes a diamond-only earring and a pendant that includes at least two types of stones. Choose a pair of earrings that include only the second gemstone, which will help this colorful gemstone stand out among the diamonds and your entire outfit.

Consider your body’s shape when you choose the size of gemstones or necklaces. Women who are especially petite or especially curvy should avoid large pieces of jewelry. Delicate and refined pieces with gorgeous gemstones are more appropriate, although diamonds are for everyone. Avoid wearing printed graphics with chains, and opt for dark clothes and natural tones.

There should never be a wrong time to wear your jewelry. While it is important to keep your diamonds and gemstones clean and cared for, there is no point in buying romantic jewelry and hiding it away most days. Live as lively as Elizabeth Taylor – love yourself, love your diamonds and live well.