Turning Heads: The Looks Men Love

When it comes to first signs of spring, women know it’s not the first robin that tell men the season has changed – it’s the return of our skin-baring, head turning fashion! With warmer months on the horizon, it’s time to bring back the skirts and the bright colors that men love to see us in after months of winter layers. Here are some of the styles they crave us in the most.

Sundresses, Sundresses and more Sundresses

According to the fashion gurus at Glamour.com, sundresses top the list of looks men love. The playful, low-maintenance look of the sundress combines the girl-next-door vibe men want with the classic silhouette of vintage femininity. Whether it’s a tapered waist or a billowing skirt, sundresses deliver the casual yet chic look men find irresistible. Better still, while guys interpret sundresses as the ultimate head turner, ladies know them to be the equivalent of adult onesies: easy, comfy and zero outfit coordination required. Win-win!

Professional Chic

Men might love us in our carefree skirts, but they also love to see our serious, brainy side as well. A polished, straight-from-the-office look reminds him that we have a professional life too, where we’re not afraid to take charge and give orders. Don glasses and a button-up blouse to achieve this look. If you meet him at happy hour, you can strategically unbutton a couple top buttons to provide a tantalizing hint of cleavage and a clear signal that you’re ready to relax. Finish this look with a shiny french tip manicure, simple stud earrings, a purse that could double as a briefcase and, of course, stilettos.

Au Natural

When it comes to hair and make-up, men like it when we keep it simple. That’s why the sexperts over at Cosmopolitan.com recommend keeping it low-key with light, sparkly eye shadow, rosy cheeks and minimal lip color. This barely-there approach shows a fella you’re comfortable in your own skin and it puts him at ease, knowing that what he sees is what he gets (if he’s lucky). For man-friendly hair, avoid the bobby pins. He likes something simple that he can imagine running his fingers through. Fortunately for those of us who love color and updos, we need not surrender all of it. Just make sure you’re rocking a solid balance of high-maintenance and laid-back looks. If you opt for a high ponytail, keep the rest of your look simple with a barely-there face palate. If you’re aiming for smoldering with some mega-deep eye shadows, compliment the look with some beachy, stress-free tresses and sheer glossy lips. Nail color is a great way to incorporate a color pop, too. Just steer clear of press-ons. There’s nothing sexy about a nail popping off when you least expect it.

In the Bedroom

It’s impossible to talk about looks men love without mentioning intimate apparel. While the au natural preference extends to the bedroom, there’s so much more fun to be had when it comes to dressing to impress behind closed doors. MarieClaire.com remind us that when it comes to lingerie, men love anything that puts form over function. Lace, color, ornate — these details scream sex appeal, and he’s definitely getting the signal. You don’t have to wear enticing lingerie all the time, but a few outfits from Yumdrop can spice things up when he least expects it. Just remember that men love to see you wear confidence in bed. So find something that makes you feel like a million bucks, because that’s a look he’s bound to love.