Trendy Indian Sarees You Need to Check

The saree is a unique garment that is an integral part of an Indian woman’s wardrobe. It enhances to a woman’s beauty like no other garment. It is a versatile garment and you can drape it in different ways representing different states of the country. That’s not all there are so many other ways of draping it other than the traditional ways, the new draping styles are a fun and quirky take on something that is so traditional and timeless.

India is a beautiful country and each state of the country has a unique and gorgeous sarees on offer that represents culture, beauty, elegance and all things gorgeous and beautiful. Each corner of the country has a traditional saree to offer and provides an eclectic fusion of eternal gorgeousness.  

Pick any saree and you will be amazed at its innate rich quality and its distinctiveness. It weaves a magic story of remarkable beauty. Yes, we know that now you are spoilt for choice when it comes to garments, but you are still drawn to this eternal favorite.

If you rummage through the wardrobe of an Indian woman, you will find sarees peeping out from the wardrobe, sarees representing each state. Sarees coming from different parts of the country such as West Bengal, Orissa, Gujarat, Assam, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, the list does not stop here. The saree is not only a prized garment in India but all across the world.  Let us go through some of the beautiful Indian sarees available in India. Get the latest collection of Indian sarees online and enjoy its beautiful variations.

1) Banarasi Silk saree-Banarasi sarees are encrusted with beautiful motifs spread across the entire body. The motifs are either of floral patterns or foliage. These motifs are enhanced with dainty embroidery and exquisite zari work.

2) Bandhani Saree – Hailing from Gujarat and Rajasthan this ‘tie and dye’ art, uses a technique called resist-dyeing technique, using impermeable threads for tying the sarees; when this is untied it forms intricate circular patterns on the fabric. This traditional saree is a hot favorite amongst most women in the country.

3) Bhagalpuri Saree- Bhagalpuri silk, the tussar silk coming from Bhagalpur, Bihar in India, is another saree that is beautiful alluring and very popular among Indian woman. The unique feature of the sets Bhagalpuri is the dyeing trick that makes it ever-so-gorgeous and stunning.

4) Chanderi Silk Sarees- Chanderi sarees are one of the most beautiful handloom sarees. It blends cotton and silk texture and highlighted with zari. Many people regard it as a lovely amalgamation of sophisticated beauty and innate shine.

5) Dhakai Sarees – Dhakai saree hails from Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh and hence the name. It is usually made up of cotton and mulmuls. It is soft to touch and the intrinsic patterns make it a much sought-after saree among South Asian woman.

6) Kanchipuram silk Saree- Kanchipuram hails from Kanchipuram region in Tamil Nadu, India and hence the name. The sarees are put together by Mulberry silk threads. It stands out from the other silk sarees for its wide contrast borders.

7) Kota Saree- Kota silk sarees, hails from Kota, Rajasthan. The sarees are either cotton or woven with silk threads. The sarees have square-like patterns, known as khats all over the body. 

8) Paithani Saree- Paithani sarees hail from Paithani town in Aurangabad, it is a state of Maharashtra. These sarees are unique as they are hand woven. They are made up of rich fine silk and the borders boast of an oblique square design with a peacock designed pallu.

9) Patola Saree -Patola saree hails from Patan, in Gujarat. Richly adorned, these sarees are really expensive and suitable for women who like their sarees to be exquisite and expensive.

10) Pochampally Saree – Pochampally ikat saree hails from Yadadri Bhuvanagiri district, from the state of Telangana. These sarees have traditional geometric patterns and ikat style- dyed dyes are used to beautify it.

11) Paithani Saree – The resplendent Paithani sarees hail from Maharashtra and this saree represents the rich culture of the state. These predominantly gold and silk sarees catered to high-end buyers only in the olden days. Boasting of beautiful combinations, its pallus are embellished and enhanced with stunning designs. 

12) Kerala saree – This saree hails from Kerala, and though the look of the saree is simple and elegant it looks stunning. The saree is available in white/cream in color and has golden threads on the borders. It is made of cotton and is very apt for sultry weather. Now, the saree is undergoing many transformations where different colors are woven into the borders, and sometimes you will find various Kerala mural paintings on the pallus.

13) Sambalpuri sarees – This saree originates from Orissa and the technique used here before the weaving procedure, is the tie-dyed technique. You will find intricate designs on the saree such as flowers, wheels, and shells.

14) Kanjeeram Sarees – Kanjeevaram shares have beautiful ornate designs on them and are made by the weavers from Kanchipuram in Tamil Nadu and are set apart by their wide contrast borders. These sarees are known for their temple borders, floral buttons, checks, and stripes.

There are many more sarees coming from different parts of India, which are prettily adorned, made up of rich, gossamer textures and bold prints and bright colors. The only way to enrich your wardrobe is adding beautiful sarees hailing from each state of the country. In some parts of India, tradition dictates that a girl getting married has her trousseau packed with sarees from different corners of India. Such is the power of tradition. Times will change but traditional sarees never go out of fashion.

Now, that you have acquainted yourself with sarees from different parts of the country try going on a collecting saree-spree and acquire at least one saree from there. This will helps you preserve for ages together. This will provide you with a rich wardrobe in the true sense of the word.