Top Modest Fashion Trends for the Year

If 2016 was the year that modest fashion got its revolutionary fame, 2017 seems to be the year when modest fashion will be rewritten. We’ve already seen some great modest fashion shows this year, like the most recent one in London, and all of them showcased truly breathtaking outfits.

These outfits did not only adhere to religious beliefs and modesty ideals of many communities, but they were also very culturally influenced. So here are some of the top modest fashion trends, inspired by not just these fashion shows but also the prominent bloggers of the field. 

#5 – Statement Making Outfits

Statement sleeves and cuts are surely one of the top trends this year and ruffled outfits are definitely a part of them. Ruffled outfits look chic and modest, without giving you a boxy look. Moreover, they are extremely versatile which makes them fun to wear, no matter what the occasion. If you want to pick yourself some clothes to go with this modest look then you should check out Top Tier Style – Fashion & Clothing.

You can wear ruffled tops with skinny jeans or skirts and they’ll look amazing with both. Other options include batwing sleeves, pleated details, capes, tiered skirts and asymmetrical shirts.

Even if you don’t own such a clothing item, you can easily upcycle your old ones, for instance, try knotting up a solid colored skirt or tunic at one side. This will not just give you a new and statement making look but also a modest yet flattering fitting for a boring old outfit.

#4 – Emphasis on Details

One thing that was common in all modest fashion weeks was surely the emphasis that designers gave to the tiniest details. A simple monochrome maxi or abaya was given a whole new look with the use of intricate embroidery or embellishments, pretty much in that famous Dolce & Gabana style. So when investing in new outfits this year, do look for tiny details that will set you apart.

#3 – Yes, You Can Wear Prints on Prints

Most women are afraid to wear two different prints at the same time and if you too have never experimented with different prints then now is the time to do so. Try wearing a floral maxi skirt with a skinny leopard print belt or scarf and you’ll be amazed by how good this combination can look. For an edgier feel, you could instead layer the floral maxi with a printed bomber jacket.

#2 – Modest Wardrobe Essentials

Kimonos and maxi dresses are definitely the modest essentials of the year. They’re both timeless pieces so when buying one, make sure that you invest in good quality and non-sheer material that will be with you for a long time.

Kimonos in particular are one of the best layering essentials that a modest fashionista needs, especially for summers when you can no longer layer your outfits with cardigans or blazers and need more breezy or lighter options.

#1 – Graphic Designing

Graphic prints and slogans have both been seen on many ramps lately and this has given us all the more reason to include them in our list. Buying a pleated skirt in graphic print will probably be one of the best investments of the year as there’s a whole range of colors and shirts that you can pair it with.

Many modest fashion bloggers have been loving the graphic slogan tees with motivational slogans such as “Empowered Women Empower Women”, “Live Your Dreams” and my personal favorite one being “Be-You-Tiful”. It’s really easy to dress up or dress down these shirts for a modern modest look.  

The concept behind modest fashion is to assert that faith and fashion can coexist, so women can look good even when they’re covered up. This makes modest outfits truly empowering because they give ladies the confidence that they need to accomplish great things. So stay modest and let the world be inspired by your inner strength and beauty.