The Top Weird Fashion Statements You Didn’t Know About

How do you like to dress up? Depending on your taste – which in turn could be influenced by things like where you are from and what you like – you would like different clothes and dress differently.

Fashion is a subjective topic. It varies from person to person. Fashion also depends upon the tastes, likes, and dislikes of the people who inhibit a particular community or region.

It’s not strange to come across somebody wearing an outfit that’s so weird it is revolting. Astonishingly enough, some of these outfits go on to become trends and fashion statements all over the world.

Through this article, we will try to list out some of the most outrageous and weirdest fashion statements and trends that have been witnessed over the years.

We are not going to rank them. We will leave that for you to decide.

  • Meggings – the male counterpart to leggings. Why should women have all the fun, right? Leggings are sold all over the world like hot cakes. They are liked by women across the world and look extremely trendy. However, meggings are consistently scorned off by many. Why? They are out rightly weird, that’s why.
  • Gothic Lolitas: Followed wildly in Japan, this “Gothic” sub style is the silly version of stylish Victorian-era clothes. P.S. Do not forget to carry an umbrella if you are wearing it as you would look like an abject fool without it.
  • Eye Tattoos: Not the cornea, that’s easy. How about the sclera? Who would not get a kick out of inking their white stuff? Not many, I hope.
  • The Facekini: China has always been at the forefront of spreading Asian beauty aesthetics around the globe. With the facekini, China can lay its claim to being the leader of fashion bloopers as well.
  • Eye Jewelry: How on earth can the Dutch stay far behind? Here comes the latest in the line of weirdest fashion statements, the eye jewelry. So what if it may end up interfering with your vision or even cause eye bleeding? It’s well worth it. Isn’t it?
  • Elf boots: Yes! You heard us right. They exist. Why exactly, don’t ask. We always told you Mexicans are crazy, didn’t we?
  • Bagel Heads: Japan finds an honorable mention once more. Getting injected with saline into your forehead for fashion has to be the craziest idea ever.
  • Hitler chic: Bangkok has been engulfed by a Hitler-mania of late. From McDonalds to T-shirts, you can find them everywhere. Plain stupid if you ask us.

We might have left a few interesting ones in the list. However, it must be said that what is fashionable to some might be disgusting to others. Our only endeavor has been to list out some of the most striking and unheard of fashion trends and statements that have been the subject of ridicule for long.

Which of these are some fashion statements that you never heard about? Let us know in the comments below!