Stay Warm and Look Cool This Winter: With These Tips

Teeth chatter, icicles hang from noses and there’s about as much heat as in the heart of the Grinch. Winter is coming, and we don’t mean in the Game of Thrones, swords and sexing kind of way. We mean in The Day After Tomorrow, you’ll die of hypothermia if you wear your Bermuda shorts outside kind of way.

At the moment, we’re all trapped in the limbo of autumn, wondering if we can get away with wearing our summer dresses for just a little while longer. But winter clothing doesn’t have to be as stylish as your nan (who, for the purposes of this analogy, we’ll assume is stylistically rubbish).

With a few savvy purchases, you could have a winter wardrobe that’s stylish AND cosy – and all without breaking the bank.

Want to know more? Then take a look at a few of our winter fashion tips, on a shoestring budget.

The best brand

As you might expect from a fashion site, we spend A LOT of time rifling through clothing stores’ sites, trying to find the best winter deals for you. And in this year’s trawl through winter wear, one brand was head and shoulders above the rest – Lavitta, the plus-size pioneers of fashion, have some of the warmest and highest quality clothes on the market.

Take a look through their site and you’ll enjoy cosy shrugs, pure-woollen dresses and coats that would make even the most aloof fashionistas jealous.

Moreover, they’ve got sales on regularly, so give them a look to see what bargains you can find.

Homespun touch

Unless you’re a top-ranking knitter, the idea of crafting a summer outfit from your bare hands and some thread probably feels like a bit of a pipe dream. But in the winter, your shonky winter knitting efforts could add to an outfit’s charm.

Take up knitting and create a scarf or brooch to complement the rest of your winter woollies. Your pattern could be inspired from the net or something a bit more personal, like your favourite quote or (if you’re a prodigious sewing expert) even a self-portrait.

If you want some simple patterns to get you started, we’d recommend, which contains plenty of ideas that’ll keep you knitting for years to come.

Big on fluff

According to Marie Claire, fluff is the biggest and boldest fashion statement you can make this season. The catwalks have been dominated by fluffy coats that look like Jim Morrison’s dream come true.

So now you know what to invest in to look super-cool while looking super-warm!