Something for a Party

The party season is here, and with the Black Friday sales just around the corner, now is a great time to think about buying a new outfit or two. The shops are full of party shoes, dresses and accessories, which is great because it means that there is plenty of choice. Here is an overview of what is available.

Classy dresses

For 2016, the watchword is definitely glamour. Glittery party dresses made from luxury fabrics are in all of the shops. Each designer has taken a slightly different approach, but you can expect to see lots of lace, beads and sequins on display when you go shopping.

The little black dress remains a party staple, so you can easily pick them up. They come in a wide range of lengths, but short dresses are not easy to find. Having said that, I was surprised to see that many of this year’s dresses are sleeveless or short sleeved. This is actually good, because I find that I get far too hot in a long-sleeved dress at a crowded party.

Sassy shoes

There is also a good choice of comfortable party shoes available. Patent leather, silver and gold features heavily, which is not surprising given the fact that most of the dresses are shiny and bright. Style wise there is a lot of choice including some nice strappy numbers, and old school court shoes. Heel heights vary, but mid-height shoes are easier to get hold of than high heels are. That good, it means that you can enjoy a dance without running the risk of crippling yourself.

Party accessories

In general, the trend is for big handbags, but the clutch is still the better option for a party. They are far more elegant, and because you do not have to take your life with you, they are more than big enough.  This year, most of the party jewellery is also simple, which fits in well with the style of the dresses, and shoes, that are available.

Staying warm

Given the unpredictability of the weather in the autumn and winter, your party outfits have to be versatile. The best way to make sure that you stay warm while waiting for the train, or walking to the party, is to layer up. Grab yourself a nice long cardigan, or a shawl. Try to find one that will look OK with your dress until you have had a chance to warm up properly and take it off.

Make sure that you have a long coat to wear over the top of your party clothes. If you have to walk more than a short distance to the venue, it makes sense to wear a pair of sturdy shoes to do so. You can easily change into a nice pair of strappy party shoes, once you get there. That way you will not feel miserable for the first hour while you struggle to warm up, and will not run the risk of catching a cold.

As you can see, buying party clothes is not a problem, this year. The designers have been busy and have come up with some beautiful outfits that anyone would enjoy wearing.