Regarding Style, Nothing Surpasses Cuticle-Retaining Weaves

The Highest Quality Extensions On The Market

You want to have big beautiful hair, but then sometimes you want to have a sleek, “butch” appearance that speaks of strength and progressive ideal. You’ll feel both desires throughout the week. The thing is, you can’t clench your eyes, grunt, and grow a head full of wavy hair in a matter of minutes. But you can use extensions.

Extensions can give you the big, beautiful, sexy hair you feel on Friday, then be removed for Monday’s professional office atmosphere when the weekend’s done. But if you’re going to go the extension route, there’s no use taking the “cheap” tack. You’ve got to buy top-tier hair, or you’re not going to achieve the results you’re trying to.

People can spot a wig subconsciously, and the reason has to do with the cuticle being stripped off in an acid wash. Three layers compose hair. The internal layer disappears, there’s a middle layer that remains, and the cuticle layer also gets compromised over time. Because of this compromise, many wigmakers designing solutions for film and stage strip away the cuticle.

While this measure makes the wig last longer, it takes away some of the hair’s weight, which gives it an “insincere” bounce. The hair loses its “shine”. Its cuticle is scaled by minute cells shingling up and down the hair strand. When that cuticle goes away, the light reacts to what remains differently.

You’ve Got To Dive All The Way In

If you’re wearing extensions, a weave, or a wig that doesn’t have Remy hair, it communicates “fake” to the passerby who see it on a subconscious level. Unless you’re making a deliberate statement with “Fake” hair, there’s no use in doing yourself up; how you look in your head, and how you look in reality, will be two very different things.

To make the statement you want to, you’ve got to go the whole nine yards. But there is good news. Big hair like that sourced in a Remy weave retaining the cuticle lasts for about twelve months, meaning that if you buy the right extensions, you’re actually getting a stylistic investment.

The last thing to consider if you want to remain trendy with extensions is variety. You want to save time and effort when adding your extensions. You want to be able to manage your hair, and it’s just not possible if you go the natural route, in many cases. But if you stifle your internal fashion sense, when will you look how you feel?

Extension Sourcing Strategy

So when you’re sourcing extensions, you need to get ending pieces for the back, side pieces, and front pieces. You might purchase the entire wig, but then this might not be the “look” you’re going for. To cover your bases, you’ll want Remy extensions that run the gamut. offers lace front wig options made of actual human hair, the Remy variety, and designed to meet a predetermined standard: “Every frontal weave meets the Prissy Lady Virgin Hair standard to give you nothing but thickness.” When you’re going with such stylistic investments, it only makes sense to purchase from professional suppliers acceding to standards.

How you look and how you feel are two conditions that affect one another. If you feel good, even should you be without a shower and frazzled, you’re still going to look good. If you know you look good, it makes you feel good. If you can make yourself look good, you’ll start to feel like you look, and this makes you even more attractive in your stylishness.