Ladies, Here’s Six Ways to Style Track Pants This Summer

In the sphere of street fashion, each day sees a new trend arising. With this constant cycle of growing and falling changes, there’s one trend that has stuck on despite changing seasons: the track pants. This casual, cool, athletic-inspired outfit essential has proved to a wardrobe constant, even considered a closet staple for all weather conditions. Worn abundantly during the warmer months, ladies track pants look chic paired with a soft white tee or even a lace-hemmed, dressy blouse. Available in a variety of fabrics from leather to silk to animal-print cotton, this bottom wear option is versatile and can be worn on different occasions. Scroll down to check out six tricks that let you incorporate these comfortable pants into stylish outfits.

Femininity is in!

For those women who love track pants minus the tomboy style, it is time to go crazy by accessorising these bottoms with girly pieces. Take these athletic pants to a whole new level by slipping into a pair of sleek black heels, carrying a little girly clutch and wearing a billowing halter-top for a full-blown stylish impact. A pair of classic black track pants is a wardrobe essential to pull off the feminine look.

Full on athletic

While there is a certain effort that needs to be put into dress up these low-slung trousers, it is quite an easy look to pull when track pants are teamed with sneakers. The look can be pulled off with cotton-jersey track pants for men and women alike. Match the pants with a contrast coloured warm-weather pullover or your favourite sweater, and you’ve aced the athletic look!

Those statement prints though!

While most fashionistas prefer classic black track pants, there is definitely a certain appeal to a pair of look-at-me prints. Pick a classic leopard print tracks in white and black, combining them with subtle accessories for a jazzed outlook. If there is a bottom wears option that can make a colorful statement, it is animal printed tracks!

Splash of color

For those of you who don’t prefer animal prints, the alternative is pastel pink shades. Being an on-trend color, these track pants must be paired with minimalistic accessories for the onlooker’s gaze to be naturally drawn to the pantaloons.

The badass, moto vibe

Your track pants can serve as a theme variation when you throw on as many dark colors as possible. Combine a pair of graphic printed silk track pants with a dark colored tartan-printed blouse, black shoes, a leather moto jacket and a black bag. Definitely not a look for the timid hearted, but this style is as cool as it can get.

Colour-blocking with tracks

When it comes to track pants, color block is a wonderful styling strategy. Pick a pair of solid black pants as the keystone to experiment around with multiple colors. Match the pants with a solid tone chambray tip, a colorful clutch in a different shade and a pair of yellow or red heels to make the look pop. Incorporate a blue shade to combine the track pants texture for a total win!

Experiment with colours patterns and styles to transform this casual garment into a fashion statement.