Julie Vino S/S 2014 Bridal Collection

Hello brides-to-be! Take a look at Julie Vino S/S 2014 Bridal Collection and the photos will blow your mind. She is one of the most popular fashion designers in Israel and she’s mostly engaged in creating evening and bridal gowns.

All of the dresses are glamorous and sensual. A perfect harmony is created between the geometric cuts and the feminine curves. They are made in such a way that they make an illusion that every figure is slim and tall. We must admit that the collection is gorgeous and takes our breaths away. The brides-to-be are going to shine for sure.

If you’re in love with the gowns you can visit www.julievino.com/en  or visit her studio at 11 Marzuk Ve-Ezer St., Tel Aviv, Israel. You can even call +972-(0)77-501-0065 or +972-(0)3-518-5958 and order it. Walk down the aisle with style!



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