How to Up Your Instagram Game

When you look around on Instagram you see lots of users with millions of followers and their only claim to fame is their pictures. If you want to become Instagram famous then there are a range of different things that you can do to make your account more popular.

Make Sure Your Pictures are Well Lit

When you’re taking pictures for your Instagram make sure that they’re good quality and clear. Use lighting to make your pictures more dynamic and exciting, these will be sure to get plenty of likes. Make sure that the subject of your pictures is easy to see, blurry pictures are a big no-no in the Instagram world. Use your phone’s back facing camera to take better pictures as these often have higher resolutions than the front facing ones.

Vary Your Photos

No follower will want to see the same pictures every day so switch up your subject matter to entice in more fans. Use your imagination when you take your photos, you might have posted your workout times before but you could post them from a new angle or make a collage.

Plenty of famous Instagram accounts focus on a single topic, like food or beauty, but they use different angles, subjects and lighting to make sure that their pictures are unique. You could even mix it up more by adding in some videos of what you’re doing, the shorter the better though as viewers don’t want to be stuck watching for too long.

Pick a Subject that’s Popular

The internet loves pictures of all things cute from kids to cats and dogs, so add in a few of these pictures to make your feed pop. Your family and friends will love being able to see snaps of your kids as they grow up, it’s also great to look back and see how much they’ve grown in a short space of time.

Taking pictures of your kids doesn’t need to be hard. Here are some top tips to take the perfect photo, brought to you by Jackpot Jane. They’ve come up with all sorts of fabulous ideas like shooting pictures from a different perspective and letting your kids be themselves in photos. Take this advice on board to not only rake in those likes on Instagram but also make some lovely photos that you can look back on later.

Use Hashtags

On Instagram you can hashtag your posts so that anyone searching for the same hashtag will be presented with your feed, ideal for getting new followers. Use the explore section of the app or website to see the most popular hashtags of the moment and gain an insight into the kind of photos that your friends are liking.

Playing to the most popular trends is sure to net you some brand new followers and could even make your pictures go viral. Keep checking the most popular ones to make sure that your photos fit in, or even start your own hashtag and see how many different people join in.

Keep Your Selfie Game on Point

Taking an amazing selfie is a fine art and we’ve got a whole load of tips and tricks to make sure yours is perfect. Make sure the angle of your photo is perfect as you don’t want to have to touch it up later, a slightly higher angle is more flattering to show your facial structure. For more information on how to take the best selfie then click here for our advice.

Have a theme for your selfie like a post workout or pre night out and hashtag them as such to get some more likes. You can use a selfie stick to get your background in and make the picture more interesting and exciting for your followers.