How to take care of your clip in hair extensions

You’ve just bought your new clip in extensions from Canada Hair, they been delivered after you were able to track your package online and they are an exact match for your colour and texture. Life is good!

You have followed all the instructions about how to put them in and install them quickly and now you are a pro but you’re wondering how to take care of them to make sure they last as long as possible, well don’t say we never help you because here is a short article giving you all the highlights on what you need to do to make your clip ins stay looking amazing

Take a them out every night

If you ever have tried to sleep with clip in hair extensions, you know that this is just silly and it’s more pain than it’s worth, even if you can sleep through anything you’re probably going to end up doing more damage to your hair as the clips are not meant to stay in long-term and you can give yourself friction damage which could in the long run, lead to hair loss.

However tired you are, always make sure that you remove your clips as it literally takes seconds and you can do it even on your most tired day.

Wash every 15 wears

Because you’re not wearing them long term, they are less likely to get dirty and so do not need to be washed very often. If you wear them every day you will need to wash your clip ins every two weeks, however if you wear them more sporadically, you can stretch out the washdays.

Always take the clips out before washing as it will be easy to get them clean than doing it when they are still in your hair.

It’s best to do it using warm soapy water and always make sure that your shampoo sulphate free as the chemicals can wreak havoc on your extensions.

You don’t want soak them for too long as you could damage the metal or plastic in the clip. Once you’re finished shampooing always use a good conditioner on the mid lengths and ends and again make sure it is paraben free.

Air Dry your clip ins on a flat towel and make sure to detangle them using a lightweight leave in conditioner to keep them looking glossy.

Use good products

With your clip in extensions always use products that you would be happy to use in your own hair because you don’t want to end up doing damage to them by using something that’s not suitable. Where possible try to use organic and plant based products, but stay away from heavy styling creams or gels that can create buildup and make your hair attract dirt.

You won’t need to put products near the roots of the extensions or very close to the clip, focus all of your attention on the lengths and the ends of the hair,

Brush after every use

Keeping your hair knot and tangle free will help them to last for as long as possible. Make sure to finger detangle first and slowly work your way down to using a brush and then a comb if needs be.

Brushing dry hair will just lead to split ends and damage, always dampen the hair using a water in a spray bottle or use a light leave in conditioner first as this will also help the tangles to be easy to remove.

Starting at the tips of your hair, slowly work your way up using your fingers in a rake motion and when you get to a knot, stop and take your time to remove it before moving onto the next section, then you can brush your hair thoroughly with a large paddle brush or tangle teezer.

Limit heat exposure

If you have human hair clip ins or heat resistant synthetic hair, then you can use heat on your extensions such as a flat iron, blow dryer or curling tongs, however make sure that the temperature does not go over 250°C and always use a heat protectant beforehand.

Too much heat can burn the hair from the inside out and make them look dull, frizzy and brittle. If you decide on using a lot of heat on your extensions, always make sure to do a deep conditioning treatment during your washday.

Store correctly

When you’re not wearing your clip ins, you should store them appropriately. This maybe using a breathable silk or satin bag, just make sure they are completely dry before you put them inside or you can use a hair extension hanger that has a little clip so you can attach the weft and allow them to hang freely.

It’s best to tie the hair in a braid so it doesn’t get tangled while in storage and keep it away from  strong smells, intense sunlight or surrounded by dark colours if the hair is light.

If you follow these tips, your clip ins will last for absolutely ages and still look good quality

At Canada Hair, we want to support and help you, if you have any more questions feel free to email us or get in touch us using our social media.