Guide to to Buying Antique & Retro Items Online: 4 Handy Hints & Tips

Old is cool. No matter who you ask, where you go or what you see, there’s no denying the unique class that having something old to accessorise with or add to your home can bring to your individual style. Thankfully now, thanks to the internet and all the opportunities it affords, getting your hands on antique and retro items is easier than ever.

Still, with an abundance of places to buy from all with variable reputations, it can be tough to know where and how to go about purchasing antique or retro items online. Here are a few quick tips to help you out the next time you go hunting.


Antique Furniture can be bought online for less than you would think but an important thing to consider when browsing and looking for great purchases is the quality of the item in question. The quality of furniture, just like fashion accessories, can often be hard to judge online without the ability to see, feel, touch or try it. That’s when photos become so crucial and you should make sure the item you’re thinking about buying has as many high-quality photos as possible that can be viewed.

Look for pieces photographed from all angles, that show any moving parts, joints or other critical features close-up and in detail. The more photos a seller provides, generally the more you can trust the item will ship and arrive in the same state.


Just like auction sites or fashion houses, antique and retro items should be purchased from highly reputable websites or shopping portals when possible. A good rule of thumb when it comes to this is to trust the recommendations of friends or other hobbyists and go to where they buy their items. Antique and retro items are unlike more modern day items because of their unique and individual craftsmanship, meaning that where you buy from is almost as important as the item itself.


When it comes to shopping online it pays to do your research. Due to the rare quality of antique and retro items it’s a lot more difficult to discern the market or going-rate for items that aren’t popularly sold online. That means that unscrupulous buyers could con you or that auctions might spiral out of control if you don’t have some measure of how much the piece you’re after is worth.

Thankfully there are many websites to help you determine a suitable price for antique and retro items, and you should look to use these as much as possible when it comes to purchasing.


Another important thing to consider when it comes to buying items online is how they will be delivered. You want to make sure, especially with more aged-items that are liable to damage, that what you purchase online is going to be delicately wrapped and packaged so as to arrive safely at your home or point of collection.

When it comes to retro and antique items you might want to talk with the seller ahead of time as to how they plan to deliver them to the buyer. Make sure you have their assurance that they will take all the preventative measures necessary to protect the item and don’t follow through on a purchase before you get this.

Buying items online, especially antique and retro ones, is a great way to get unique bargains that can really add to your own personal style. Although there are a few things to remember the process is largely straightforward.