Grande LIPS for More Irresistible and Seductive Lips

The truth is that all women are obsessed with their appearance and how they look… Some need an eternity to get ready for work, business meeting or date, while some are faster and need just a few minutes. But, we are all making a huge effort to look the best we can.

The torn jumper can be stitched, the bad makeup and hairstyle can be fixed, but what about the face imperfections? Unfortunately, we are not all blessed to have Angelina Jolie’s sensual and full lips. If your lips disappear or are very thin when you smile you are probably looking for a solution that will help you increase the fullness of your thin lips. At first I was thinking about permanent solutions and surgical techniques, like lip injections, lip implants and other similar surgical procedures that will make my lips fresh, full and seductive. But, why spending a fortune on something that is risky and what if I don’t like the final result.


Although my lips are thin, I love them and I think that I finally found the right solution for successful lip enhancement. I used GrandeLIPS for 30 days (2x daily usage) and I’m pleased with the results. If your lips have always been thin and you feel self-conscious about how they look or your lips have become less full then you should definitely try this product.


GrandeLIPS definitely gave my natural lips the appearance of youthful, voluminous and fuller lips in just 30 days and as you can see the results are evident. Actually, the product consist of  active Ingredient Volulip™ that gives an instant plumping effect within 3-5 min that last for hours. The other good think is that it is packaged in a lightweight tube and I can carry in my handbag everywhere and apply it during my working hours or when I’m not at home and give myself that unique beauty treatment that takes less than a minute. Collagen increases moisture, giving the effect of volumized lips, improve elasticity and also help reduce the look of wrinkles. I need to mention that GrandeLIPS is easy to clean applicator and I really like it because you can apply it on both over lip color or on clean lips.

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