Gold Earrings – A Choice For Both Men & Women!

When you love a simple look but want to look fashionable too, stud earrings are a perfect choice. Getting the sparkling charm and dazzling beauty required to become a style statement, stud earrings are a woman’s best friend for any event. Some people may think studs are less exciting when comparing to other earrings. However, these cute and petite pieces are classic. They are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials, but on a particular occasion, some looks better than other. The knowledge of selecting the right pair for any occasion allows you to match your outfit in multiple ways.

Specific events require specific pieces of jewellery, and the same goes with ensembles. Some womens gold earrings are designed to match every situation, but others look appropriate for particular occasions or events. Other styles of earrings such as hoop, drop, dangle, or chandelier earrings might be too casual for formal events and not appropriate.

Ear piercings have been admired among men all over the world for ages. In western society, it seemed that women have a control on wearing earrings but things are changing as it is a modern era. Mens gold earrings are attached to the ear from end to end of the earlobe or by piercing any other external part of one’s ear.

Modern mens gold earrings are shaped from an extensive range of materials that includes glass, metal, precious stones, plastic, and beads. The sizes are restricted by the holding capacity of the earlobe: they must also be of a suitable weight to avoid any form of tearing or damage to the ear. That is why, if you are choosing heavyweight earrings, you are advised to avoid wearing them for an extensive period of time unless you fancy the stretched-earlobe look.

Regardless of what the women would have us think, earrings have suited the men fashion. Throughout history they have been worn by soldiers, sailors, local Indians and many other nations. So wear these earrings with a sense of pride. With an earring in your ear, it gives a very distinguished look. Ear piercing is one of the ancient forms of body improvement known to mankind: written and artistic references from all over the globe reveal a worldwide obsession with them.

Drop earrings hang just below the earlobe. This style utilizes a post and sometimes a hook for the hanger. The key difference between a drop and dangle is that the drop does not move. It hangs in a straight line from the base of the earring and is still. If the gemstone or other adornment is attached with an o ring, there may be a little bit of movement, but it is inconsequential.

Danglers hang below the earlobe and they move with the body. The chain or wire used to attach the beads, stones or charms is flexible and loose. A hook is the usual hanger for this style which facilitates the movement. It can be a single strand or branch out into several. The lengths also go from one extreme to the other-just below the earlobe all the way to the shoulder. As the times change, the styles change with them. The drop and dangle earrings styles are just two of the ways this accessory has evolved to fit a woman’s personality and taste. You can always go for online jewellery shopping since you can find a plethora of designs for both men & women.