It’s Not All Glam: Celebrity Fashion Faux Pas’

It’s a common belief that all film stars and musicians are glamorous, handed the very latest creations from the world’s top designers and having more makeup artists following them around than you could believe, all tasked with touching up the eyeliner or making sure that their hair is perfectly sculpted for every appearance – even for radio. However, it isn’t always the case.


Sometimes even the most famous and beautiful celebrities that we see on the covers of magazines or on the TV panel shows have bad days – and that’s by no means down to the failings of their makeup artists – instead it is those rare occasions when the paparazzi get a sneaky photo of them coming out of their homes to take the bins out, (a bit like normal human beings do because that is actually what they are despite what many think).


They can be caught on camera going outside in hideous clothing that they would only wear around the house, showing that they’re not just the stars from the famous Bollywood films that we read about in the press; or it could be a disaster they’ve had at an event or premiere where a strap on their dress has broken or their heel has snapped – we’ve all been there, and celebrities are no different.


One such example comes from the Super Bowl in 2004 when Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake were performing at halftime in the fixture between the Carolina Panthers and the New England Patriots. The half time show is one of the biggest events in American sport in arguably the biggest match in American sport, and the routine was all going to plan when Timberlake went to remove part of Janet Jackson’s outfit, only for it to reveal a little too much to the watching millions in what was described as a “wardrobe malfunction”, although many have put it down to a publicity stunt. Either way, Ms Jackson was left somewhat red-faced.


A male example is from a film premiere in 2013 when Robert Downey Jr arrived on the red carpet. Posing for photographs with the gathered press and screaming fans, Downey Jr was unfortunately snapped “flying low” as some might say, with one particular image showing that he had in fact arrived with the fly of his trousers undone. Whoops!


Bollywood doesn’t escape the attentions of the world’s media either, with a prime example that of Mahie Gill. The young actress is regularly arriving at events in bright, bold colours with heavy makeup and the press love nothing more than critiquing every look and, unfortunately for her, they’re hardly ever complimentary. It almost goes without saying that Ms Gill is on the fashion faux pas list.


A final example is from the United Kingdom and a recent on-stage performance from singer Lily Allen. The London-born star is famous for being a bit “out there”, but one part of her in particular was “out there” on a hot summer’s day with her zipped top coming down further than she intended and showing off one of her breasts.

So now you see, it’s not all glamorous being a celebrity A-lister!