Giving Your Curves a Hug: How to Dress Your Curvy Figure with Confidence

Celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Scarlett Johansson dress their curves well, and make it look effortless. But if you’re full figured, you know that finding and wearing the right clothing is a real challenge. So how do you dress your curves when you cannot afford to hire your own stylist and personal tailor? Below you’ll find 5 tips for dressing this shapely body type.

Accentuate your waist

Anything that accentuates your figure is always a plus. Form fitting dresses and skirts are figure flattering – look for ones that are cut on the diagonal or bias. Make sure the dresses skim over your waist, hug your hips and fall gracefully around your thighs. A-line shapes downplay wide hips, and a belt draws attention to a tiny waist. Belts also add polish to an outfit so make sure to stock your wardrobe full of belts in various shapes, colors, and textures. Style icons, like America Ferrera, know the importance of emphasizing an hourglass figure with deep necklines and body hugging dresses.

Embrace Shapewear

Whether you’re a size 0 or 22, proper undergarments are essential. Shapeware creates slimmer and smoother bodylines under your dresses, tops, skirts, and trousers. In other words, it’s your best friend. If you’re busty, go to a store and get the proper fitting before you purchase bras online. There’s no need to stuff your breasts into a D cup when there are other sizes available. The lines created by ill-fitting bras and panties are in no way flattering, so do yourself a favor and purchase the right size. Get your undergarments right and the clothes you put on top will look fabulous.


The color-blocking trend is here to stay – at least for another season. Make the most of this trend to play up your curves, but you must be discriminating because not all color-block clothing will provide the desired effect. For instance, it might be better to use separates to create a color-block outfit as some dresses may draw attention to your problem areas. Limit your outfit to 2-3 colors and pair them with a plain neutral. Do not wear bright colors around your trouble spots; use a darker or neutral shade to downplay the area.

Show a little skin

Don’t be afraid to show some skin in unexpected places, but be tactical about it. It’s easy for a curvaceous woman to look vulgar without even trying. Simple tops, pencil skirts, and dresses look overstated when they’re pressed up against your curves. That doesn’t mean you should shy away from sultry clothing. A slit on the side of your evening gown is sexy and slimming. An exposed back in an otherwise modest dress offers a surprising twist. If you’re smaller up top, you can wear a curved or heart-shaped neckline to balance your body and draw eyes away from your wider hips.

On a similar note, it helps to get your clothes tailored if they don’t fit right. Some curvy women complain about pants that fit in the hips but are too large in the waist. Your clothes should be streamlined, and a tailor could help you achieve that look if you cannot get it right off the racks. A hem here and a tuck there could make all the difference to your everyday outfits.

Avoid oversize clothing

Baggy tops and dresses are comfortable, but they’re not flattering on a curvy figure. Instead of hiding your curves and trouble spots, they make you look pregnant and sloppy. Throw out that tent you’re so fond of and replace it with some maxi dresses. Look for those with a V-neck halter to elongate your body and emphasize your curves. A dress with an empire waist hits under your bust line to highlight a small waist.

Love your curves

Whether you’re plus-sized or model-slim, no item of clothing could outshine your feeling of confidence. A sexy woman is someone who owns her curves. Identify your strong points and use clothing to emphasize them. The color and shape of your clothing could also minimize your problem areas. However, it is your confidence that will draw attention, so if a dress makes you feel happy and sexy, go ahead and wear it.

Nicole Humphries is a full-figured style guru. When not consulting for friends or researching for the latest trends, she greatly enjoys blogging about the ins and outs of creating a stylish wardrobe for today’s curvy woman.